Roots to the Past on Patreon

Life is always changing, faster now it seems since technology is setting the pace. At one time, Roots to the Past appeared in 13 newspapers across Atlantic Canada. In its hay days, it appeared in – to name a few – The Western Star (Corner Brook, NL), Journal-Pioneer (Summerside, PEI), The Daily News (Halifax, NS) and The Kings County Record (Sussex, NB).

Nowadays, readers find it in only two newspapers: The Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin (Wednesday) and The Citizen, Amherst (Saturday).

Before time and further changes cause the disappearance of the column in print newspapers, I started a new life for the column at Patreon.

Due to contract restrictions, I am unable to post the column at Patreon during the same week it is published. Instead, I will post it three weeks afterwards. All subscribers will have access to these columns. They also gain access to progress on the Roots to the Past books, in-depth personal research articles and photos connected to genealogy research.

Posts open to everyone will include one column a month from past years, genealogy news and general photographs.

This week, I am writing column #20 for 2018. Until I catch up to my writing schedule, I will post one column a day. Then it will be reduced to one column a week.

To learn more about Roots to the Past on Patreon and gain access to the genealogy columns, go to Roots to the Past Patreon.

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