The Woodland Escape Channel Talks Loyalists

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the YouTube channel The Woodland Escape. It features Peter Kelly, a reenactor for pioneer life in the 1800s, his wife Catherine Wolfe behind the camera, and their son Shane Kelly as producer and editor. Most of the shows I’ve seen like this are usually located in the United States. However, The Woodland Escape is made by Canadians, and it’s produced in Ontario.

I’ve watched several episodes so far. The first one was released in October 2020, so it’s still relatively young. The channel follows Peter as he and his wife construct a small log cabin that the average settler would have built for their family when arriving in Canada. He also discusses the basics, such as tanning animal hide, gardening, firewood and muskets.

Today, I watched Entertaining Our First Guests | Log Cabin Build | Off Grid | Garden Harvest | Pioneer Life. In it, they not only prepare a simply (yet labour intense) meal but discuss Loyalists and what life was like when they arrived in Ontario.

This is an excellently production with lots of history. Add the amazing camera work and quiet forest setting, and it’s a wonderful show to start the morning or end the day while dreaming of owning my own cabin in the woods.

5 thoughts on “The Woodland Escape Channel Talks Loyalists

    • Yes. Definitely. Of the 7 or 8 videos I’ve watched, there has been nothing unsuitable for kids in my opinion. That said, in the episode of the first guests, the guest brought a wine of the era as a gift. They tasted it. The lady guest made beer bread, but she explains why the yeast of beer was used for that time period. I believe it had to do with humidity. So if you don’t want your kids watching these references, you might skip that one. Otherwise, none of the other videos I have watched had alcohol.

      Also, he portrays a pioneer as they would have lived. That involved plucking a chicken, which he does on camera. When he shows how to tan deer hide, he uses the method used back then. That was to use the brain of the deer as the tanning solution. Some kids may be put off by that, and you may not want your kids to watch it. Mine grew up with deer hunting, cleaning fish, seeing goats give birth and similar stuff, so it’s nothing they’ve never seen. Yet, I understand some parents don’t want their kids to see that. Perhaps watch an episode without the kids to get a feel on what he does first.


      • OK, great, thanks so much! My kids might be a bit grossed out by the animal-killing stuff, but I think they can handle it. We are all very interested in pioneer life!


        • You’re welcome. He doesn’t show killing the chicken or any blood. But it does show plucking the bird for about half a minute.

          I am enjoying the series because living a similar life is my goal. Similar as in simple, self-sustaining and providing food for myself in a rural area without being hooked to public services. Except the Internet. I am learning so much from shows like this.


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