100th Anniversary: First World War

On August 4, 1914, Britain declares war on Germany, beginning what would be more than four years of bloody conflict. The hundredth anniversary of this event is quickly approaching. To mark it, I’m collecting information on veterans from several communities on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, located in the county of Guysborough.

Below is the list of First World Veterans who were born in the area between the Guysborough County and Halifax County line and Sherbrooke. It stretches from Ecum Secum to Goldenville, and along with those communities includes Hape’s Point, Marie Joseph, Liscomb Mills, West Liscomb, Wilson’s Cove, Spanish Ship Bay, Liscomb, Pye’s Head, Liscomb and Gegogan (current day spelling)

If the name is highlighted, it indicates it links to the online biography.

Updated: November 5, 2015


Albert Baker (1893-1974) Liscomb, son of Hannah Nauffts and Albert Baker

Arthur Blain Baker (1889-1927) Liscomb, son of Elizabeth Rudolph and William Baker

Charles Baker – St. Luke’s Wall

Guy Baker – St. Luke’s Wall

James Richard Baker, born 1899 Hape’s Point, son of Lydia Smith and James Baker


John Joseph Buckus, born 1876 Goldenville, son of Annie Williams and Joseph Backus


George Borden, born 1896 Goldenville, son of James Borden (step-father)


Charles ‘Roy’ Breen, born 1893 Marie Joseph, son of Mary Noy and James Breen

James ‘Irvine’ Breen, born 1893 Liscomb, son of Mary Spears and William Breen

Samuel ‘Gordon’ Breen, born 1896 Spanish Ship Bay, son of Mary Spears and William Breen

William ‘Creighton’ Breen, born 1888 Spanish Ship Bay, son of Mary Spears and William Breen


James David ‘Jim’ Croft, born Gegoggin, son of Margaret Baker and John Croft

Roy Croft – St. Luke’s Wall


Edward Crooks – St. Luke’s Wall

Seth Crooks, born ?, son of

Wilfred Seth Crooks, born 1896/95 Liscomb, son of Elizabeth Redmond and Arthur Crooks


John Rupert Dingle, born 1889 Liscomb, son of Lucy Rudolph and Henry Dingle

Wesley Hart Dingle, born 1899 Liscomb, son of Lucy Rudolph and Henry Dingle


Capt. D. F. Douglas – St. Luke’s Wall

Joseph Douglas – St. Luke’s Wall


John Gilbert Lorenzo Fancy, born 1895 Ecum Secum, son of Agnus Ashton and George Fancy


Thomas James Fraser (1895-1960) Goldenville, son of Louisa James and Lauchlin Fraser


William Horton – St. Luke’s Wall


Charles Burton Langille, born 1894 West Liscomb, son of Margaret Lang and David Langille

Everett Hairam Langille, born 1900, West Liscomb, son of Leroy Langille


Charles Le France – St. Luke’s Wall


John William Lynch, born 1894 Marie Joseph, son of Mary Garraway and William Lynch


Roy Kenneth MacDonald, born 1896 Liscomb Mills, son of Annie Crooks and Samuel McDonald

Burton Clarence MacDonald, born 1893 Liscomb, son of Margaret S. Crooks and John William McDonald


Harold MacKinley – St. Luke’s Wall


Lauchlin ‘Lockie’ Mailman, born 1896 Gegogan, son of Hattie and Jacob Mailman

Clifford Warren Mailman, born 1894 Liscombe, son of Hattie and Jacob Mailman


Charles E. Nauffts, born 1900 Liscomb, son of Emily Baker and Ishmiel Nauffts

Capt. John Nauffts – St. Luke’s Wall

Capt. Ronald A. Nauffts, born Spanish Ship Bay?, son of


Wallace ‘Ross’ Pace, born 1899 Ecum Secum, son of Lucy Jewers and Alexandra Pace


Marshall Perry – St. Luke’s Wall


Arthur Pye – St. Luke’s Wall

Frank Pye – St. Luke’s Wall

James Alfred Pye, born 1885 Halifax, son of Charlotte Boutilier and Henry Pye

James Robert Pye, born 1864 Liscomb, son of Jane Davis and William Pye

Laurier Falconer Pye, born ?, son of Gene and Charles Pye

Murray Elvin Pye, born 1898, Ecum Secum, son of Phoebe Moser and Henry Pye

Samuel John Pye, born 1892 Spanish Ship Bay, son of Charlotte Boutilier and Henry Pye

William ‘Gordon’ Pye, born 1889 Liscomb, son of Mary Pride and James Pye


James Reid – St. Luke’s Wall


Alex Rudolph – St. Luke’s Wall

Arthur Rudolph – St. Luke’s Wall

Basil Rudolph – St. Luke’s Wall

Fulton Rudolph – St. Luke’s Wall

Harold Rudolph – St. Luke’s Wall

John Henry Rudolph, born West Liscomb, son of Lavinia Langille and Ira Rudolph

Lindsay Marshall Rudolph, born Little Liscomb, son of John Rudolph

Maurice Rudolph – St. Luke’s Wall

Power Rudolph – St. Luke’s Wall

Redmond Rudolph – St. Luke’s Wall


Joseph Bethemun Shrider, born 1889 Sandy Cove, son of Jane and


George Spears – St. Luke’s Wall

Lowell Spears – St. Luke’s Wall

William Robertson Spears, born 1897 Spanish Ship Bay, son of Nelson and Annie Spears


John Scott William, born 1891 Goldenville, son of Emma MacEachern and Francis Williams


Robert Wilson Sr. – St. Luke’s Wall

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