“Schooling in Guysborough County 1735-2016” by John N. Grant

John N. Grant released Schooling in Guysborough County 1735-2016 – A Case Study of Public Education in Rural Nova Scotia in the fall of 2019. The cover and interior were formatted and designed by Quarter Castle Publishing. The book was published by Guysborough Historical Society.


The history of schooling reflects the impact of economic, political, military and other social forces on the local community. The history of schooling in Guysborough  County covers almost 300 years. In 1735, there was one school in the County; in 1959, there were almost one hundred; in 2018, there were three. This is the story of what happened in between.

Learn more about this book, where to buy it on its page at Quarter Castle Publishing.

This is a must-have book for genealogists and historians with roots in Guysborough County as it spans the entire history of schooling in the county. It contains about 50 images, including class photos, schools and prominent individuals.

There’s an extensive bibliography and notes section that contains source material. You won’t find a more comprehensive account on schooling in the county.

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