History Along the Old Guysborough Road

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History Along the Old Guysborough Road

History Along the Old Guysborough Road

by M. Noreen E. Gray & Annie A. (Blois) Smith

ISBN 0-88999-353-X

Published by the authors

Year: 1987

Available: Out of Print. Try used book stores and the Libraries of Nova Scotia.


Author Briefs on the back cover of the book

Annie Agnes (Blois) Smith is a lifelong resident of Waverley, Nova Scotia. Mrs. Smith has received many awards for her historical interests and was named Village Historian by the Waverly Rate Payers Association in 1873. She was active in the founding of Waverly Gold Rush Days which has become an annual event. The Smith Museum which she operates is a focal point of interest to local historians and tourists. This museum contains much of Waverley’s history in the form of artifacts and manuscripts. For a number of years she wrote articles on Waverley history which were published weekly in the Bedford-Sackville. She has assisted many who are seeking information for family genealogies and keeps in touch with friends who share her interest in historical value. She is a member of a number of historical societies.

M. Noreen Gray is a Halifax native and a graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University (B.A). She now resides in Enfield, Halifax County, where she is a freelance writer and a member of the Fall River Waverley Heritage Society. She has received two awards for her historical writing and in 1979 won the Nova Scotia Writer’s Federation award for Short Story Division. Her previous credits include among others, The Advocate, The Halifax, Like It Is, Forest Times, The Halifax Mail-Star and the Nova Scotia Historical Review.


Acknowledgements: The authors are grateful to the following people for the information they provided (not noted in Index below):

  • Dexter, Annette
  • Dillman, Vera (Mrs. Davis) Flemming, Blanche
  • Garrison, Roblin
  • Goff, Edna (Mrs. Warner)
  • Goff, Everill
  • Gray, Matthew
  • Horne, Muriel (Mrs. Willett)
  • Humphrey, James
  • Kerr, John
  • Kidson, Ella (Mrs. Moore)
  • Kidston, Hattie
  • MacDowell, Judy (Mrs. Isnor)
  • McDonald, John
  • McDonald, Min (Mrs. Greenough)
  • Meagher, Frances (Mrs. Brown)
  • Meagher, Jean (Mrs. Hill)
  • Miller, Mina (Mrs. Ross)
  • Miller, Percy
  • Neary, Ella (Mrs. Houlihan)
  • Oakes, Margaret
  • Pleasant, Norma
  • Settle, Gertrude
  • Silmarie, Pauline
  • Wilson, Charles
  • Wilson, Clyde

The Guysborough Road

Page 9, paragraph 1: “One of Nova Scotia’s earliest villages, Guysborough Road, more recently known as Goffs, is fast disappearing. The original road to this village has been severed near its southern extremity by new highways and access roads to the Halifax International Airport and the Aero Tech Business Park which is now under construction. In 1960 much of the original village site was buried under slabs of concrete that made the Halifax International Airport. In 1985 the Aero Tech Business Park took over an additional 2000 acres.”

Land Grants

Page 9, paragraph 3: “Grants in the Guysborough Road (Goffs) area began in 1784.”

Babes in the Woods

Page 13, paragraph 3: “One such ridge was presciently named Melancholy Mountain. In 1842 it became the resting place of the “Babes in the Woods”: the Meagher sisters were found dead, wrapped in each other’s arms beneath a huge boulder on this black desolate ridge.”

Boy Scout Camp – Highway 102

Page 22, paragraph 5 – 23, paragraph 1: “In 1926 the Waverley Game Sanctuary was to claim much of the land on the south side of the lake. In the same year a Boy Scout site was built on the large island situated in the middle of the lake. This island remains a popular summer camp for boys who gather here each summer to learn outdoor skills and water safety.

“In 1957 Highway 102 was built beside Miller Lake.”

United Baptist Church

[Photo below of the United Baptist Church was taken by Diane Lynn Tibert, June 2006]

Page 28, paragraph 2: “The United Baptist Church at Goff’s can trace its history back to 1814 when the first black settlers formed two separate settlements – West Settlement and a settlement known simply as the Grove.”

Page 28, paragraph 3: “In 1892 the name was changed to Guysborough Road United Baptist Church.” Goff’s Church

Page 29, paragraph 1: “Halifax Mail Star, November 1984: The Guysborough Road United Baptist Church was moved recently for the third time and is now situated near the Guysborough Road-Oldham Road turn-off. The building and graves were moved too from their former location to make way for the Halifax County Aerotech Industrial Park.

“The graves of these former black pioneers have been moved to Fall River Cemetery opposite G. P. Vanier School.”

Page 29, paragraph 3: “…this church has been moved several times. From the Grove to a location further along the Guysborough Road where it sat for many years surrounded by its small well kept graveyard. With the opening of the Halifax International Airport the church was moved some distance further up the Guysborough Road leaving behind the small forlorn graveyard which was left encompassed at the edge of the Airport property. In November 1984 the small church was again moved, this time to make way for the expansion of the Halifax County Aerotech Park. Now hopefully it has found a permanent home at the Goffs-Oldham Crossroads. With this move extensive renovation was done and the new church, although incorporating the old church, is much larger and very little except for a few handmade benches and altar of the original church remains.”

Daniel Garret Blois

[Photos of the headstones below were taken by Diane Lynn Tibert, July 2006. The graves of Jane Elizabeth and Margaret Meagher are located in the Woodlawn Cemetery, Dartmouth, NS. The plague is located on the horizontal headstone. Beside the girls’ grave is the headstone for their parents, a sister and two brothers. It reads: front: Martha, Margaret, Jane Elizabeth & George, Children of John and Jane Meagher; right side: John Meagher, aged 44 years, also his wife, Jane, aged 50 years; left side: John S. C. Meagher, son of John & Jane Meagher, Died September 7, 1883 (or 85), age 41 years.]

Page 57, paragraph 1: “Some of his [Daniel ‘Devil Dan’ Blois] ballads that have survived are “Captain Mann,” “The Brave Volunteers” and “The Lost Children”. This latter better known as “The Babes in the Woods,” refers to the Meagher sisters who were lost on desolate Melancholy Mountain (between Preston and Goffs) in April 1842.

The Lost Children

a poem by Daniel Garret Blois (pages 57, 58, 59, 60) Also known as Babes in the Woods

Good people read these verses that I have written here,

And, when you have perused them, you can’t but shed a tear.

In eighteen hundred and forty-two, April the 11th day,

Two little girls from Preston Road into the woods did stray.

Their father and their mother were sick in bed all day:

Whilst those two little children about the door did play;

Hand in hand together, they saw them leave the door,

The eldest was but six years old, the youngest only four.

Jane Elizabeth and Margaret were their pretty names,

Two fairer creatures never did Dame Nature ever frame.

They walked abroad together and cheerfully did play,

But mark what followed after, now soon they lost their way.

There in the lonely wilderness they spent a dismal day,

The night came on, they thought of home, their streaming eyes gave way.

The frosty gale blew very hard, not a star to yield them light,

The beasts of prey they feared all day, the screeching owls by night.

They might have been discovered, but for that simple race;

You Preston Negroes wash your hands, and wipe off your disgrace.

You cruel Brown that heard them cry and did not take them in.

May God reward or punish you according to your sin.

But when the shocking news did reach the neighbouring town,

Each manly heart with pity swell’d and thus for grief atoned,

Saying, poor Meagher, your babes are lost and you are left forlorn.

How true it is, as Burns remarked, that man was born to mourn.

Early the next morning went out one hundred men,

And there they found poor Meagher and wife searching the lonely glen.

First casting their eyes to Heaven and then upon the grove,

With prayers and groans and touching cries, distress’d as they rove.

All that week they hunted, but alas ‘twas all in vain,

So in the lonely wilderness those infants did remain.

Though oft they stopp’d to listen, they ne’er could hear their sound;

At twelve o’clock on Thursday a bloody rag was found.

Think gentle reader, what a sight, if we could then behold,

Lying in the wilderness, with hunger, fright and cold;

Not a mother by to close an eye, nor a friend to wipe a tear,

Pharoah’s heart would surely melt, their dying cries to hear.

On the 17th of April went out a valiant crew,

To search the woods and dreary plains as hunters used to do;

From Halifax and Dartmouth, Preston and Porter’s Lake,

Twelve hundred men assembled, a final search to make.

‘Twas Beret Curry found them at twelve o’clock that day,

On Melancholy Mountain, but lumps of breathless clay.

Their hair was dragged out of their heads, their clothes in pieces tore,

Their tender flesh, from head to foot, the prickly thorns did gore.

The frost it stole upon their hearts, their blood began to chill,

Their feeble nerves could not obey, with all their heart and skill.

Headlong they fell, their souls unwilling took their way.

And left their tender bodies on a dismal rock to lay.

No longer did they leave them for the birds and beasts to tear,

On decent biers they laid them, and graced with a tear.

To their father’s house they carried them for their mother to behold;

She kissed them both a thousand times though they were dead and cold.

Their father quite distracted was, and overcome with grief,

His neighbours tried to comfort him, but could yield him no relief.

The cries of their poor mother were terrible to hear,

To think that death had her bereft of those she lov’d so dear.

On the nineteenth day of April, they were in one coffin laid,

Between Ellen Vane and Allan’s farm their little grave was made

Where thousands did assemble a last farewell to take,

Both rich and poor lamented sore for the poor children’s sake.

The rain was fasts a falling, most dismal was the day,

While gazing on Elizabeth, methinks I hear her say –

“Farewell my loving neighbours, return, dry up your tears,

Let us two lay in this cold clay, til Christ himself appear.”

Five pounds reward was offered to the man that did them find,

But, Curry he refused it as a Christian just and kind;

May God forever bless him and grant him length of days,

Your humble poet, D. G. B. will ever sing his praise.

You gentle folk of Halifax that did turn out so kind,

I hope in Heaven hereafter a full reward you’ll find;

Not forgetting Dartmouth, that turned out, rich and poor,

And likewise those of Preston, and round the Eastern Shore.

Now, to conclude and make an end of this mournful song,

I beg you will excuse me, for writing it so long;

That I another theme like this may never have to pen,

This is the first, I hope the last, God grant it so, Amen.

Page 60: When Mrs. Teasdale asked Dan Blois to pen a headstone inscription for her husband Johnny , who recently passed away, Dan revealed his mischievous side to the penny-pinching lady and wrote:

“Johnny Teasdale died of late,

And now he stands at Heaven’s Gate.

Up jumped the Devil, Just like a Weasel,

And, down to Hell went Old Johnny Teasdale.”

Nuttle Hill Church

Page 62, paragraph 1: “The first church to service this area, the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, was built at the top of Nuttle Hill in 1866 under the leadership of John MacMillan who was ordained at Little River (Elderbank) in 1866. This church still stands and is believed to be the oldest church in the Musquodoboit Valley.”

First World War

Page 80, paragraph 3: “As this was the period of the First World War she [the school teacher] received a letter from the Government of Canada requesting the names of all men over the age of eighteen living in the area.”

Page 81: Honor Roll Goffs Area

First World War

  • Roy Nelson
  • Warren Wyse
  • Edward McDonald
  • Andrew MacDowell (US Army; Killed in action)
  • Frank Ledwidge
  • Alfred Ledwidge

Second World War

  • Sadie Kidston (Nursing Sister)
  • Leo Smith
  • Emery Ledwidge (Killed in action)
  • Neil Keddy (Killed in action)
  • Robert Ledwidge
  • Joseph Ledwidge
  • Donald Ledwidge
  • Duncan Ledwidge
  • Harold Miller
  • George Dillman


(Listed in the back of the book)

  • Provincial Crown Lands Records of NS
  • The Militia of Nova Scotia, 1749 – 1867 by Joseph P. Edwards
  • A Sketch of Lawrence O’Connor Doyle by George Mullame
  • The Township of Dartmouth, Preston and Lawrencetown by Mrs. William Lawson
  • Story of Dartmouth by John P. Martin
  • “Oldham Mining Days Recalled,” Halifax Mail Star by E. G. L. Wetmore.
  • Acadian Recorder, Halifax, NS, October 24, 1887
  • Truro News – Circa – 1945 Article by S. M. Parker
  • Blois Voice Newsletter No. 6
  • James Barron (Deed), Provincial Crown Lands of NS
  • Public Archives of NS
  • Ledwidge Family History (Ledwidge Family)
  • MacDowell Family History (Audrey MacDowell Ellis)
  • Goff Family History by Goff family

Photo Section

in the center of the book starting after page 42: Page i to xvi (Not noted in Index below)

  • i. Wilson House
  • ii. Kidston, William House
  • ii. Meagher, John Henry Home: Henry, wife Susan, Adella Fisher and Blanche MacMichael
  • iii. McDonald Homestead (unidentified people)
  • iii. Goff, William House
  • iv. Ledwidge, Richard Homestead
  • iv. Preeper House
  • v: Dillman House at Wyse Corner
  • v. Blois, Capt. Cornelius
  • vi. Laurie, Lt. Col. John Winburn
  • vii. Kidston, Mr. and Mrs. William
  • vii. Fisher, Adella and MacMichael, Blanche (teachers)
  • viii. Goff, Hannah
  • viii. Goff, William
  • ix. Poole, George and Josie
  • x. Miller, Percy and McDonald, Tom
  • x. MacDowell, Mrs.; Benvie, Miss.; MacDowell, Alfred; MacDowell, Edmund and MacDowell, Veronia
  • xi. Goff’s Pupils, 1924 (eight unidentified kids)
  • xi. Goff’s School
  • xii. Original Old Guysborough United Baptist Church
  • xii. New Guysborough Road United Baptist Church
  • xiii. Moose Horne Lodge, June 4, 1923 (six people unidentified)
  • xiv. Perrin’s Run – a brook
  • xiv. Goffs’ Fire Department
  • xv. Lumbering on the Guysborough Road (two unidentified men)
  • xv. Leaving for Market (four unidentified people)
  • xvi. Halifax International Airport (aerial view)
  • xvi. Aerotech Industrial Park in the building stage.


Women are listed by their maiden names where possible. If only their first name is known, they are listed by that.

Catherine (native Ireland, married Michael Smith): 55

Emily (sister to Jane, Mrs. Peter Doyle, married Mr. Dillman): 46

Jane (sister to Emily, Mrs. Dillman, married Peter Doyle): 43, 44, 46, 47, 48

Jane (married Richard Ledwidge): 37, 40

Mary (married John Bowen): 27

Mary Ellen (married Mr. Preeper): 54

Mina (married William Preeper): 26

Mini (married James Williams): 2

Miss 1? (married William Gotobed): 39

Miss 2? (married Miles Goff, lost in the woods with young children at home, ages between seven and two): 51, 52,

53, 54

NOTE: I believe this to be Martha who is found in the 1901 On-line Census

1901 Census of Canada Page Information

District: NS HALIFAX (#33); Subdistrict: Fall River O, Page 13, Household 111

  • 11 Goff Miles D., Male, Head, Married, born June 14, 1862, age 38
  • 12 Goff Martha, Female, Wife, Married, born December 23, 1862, age 38
  • 13 Goff William G., Male, Son, Single, born August 10, 1889, age 11
  • 14 Goff Flora M., Femaile, Daughter, Single, born October 19, 1891, age 9
  • 15 Goff John R., Male, Son, Single, born June 11, 1892, age 8
  • 16 Goff Alexander, Male, Son, Single, born October 26, 1893, age 7

Miss 3? (married Johnny Teasdale): 60

Miss J. (married Mr. Abbott): 81

Pearl (married Mr. MacMicahel): 81

Abbott, Mrs. J.: See Miss J.

Allan Farm: 59

Allen, Charles P.: 21, 68

Allen, Reverend Jacob: 28

Anderson, John: 29

Andrews, Cass (married Lewis Dillman): 39

Archibald Coach Line of Dartmouth: 14

Ashlief, Billy (of Musquodoboit): 74

Atkins, William: 80

Babes in the Woods: 13, 56, 57

Barron, James: 12, 21

Barry, Margaret (married George Miller): 36

Bazalgette, Captain William (buried at Camp Hill, Halifax, NS): 10

Benere, Dorothy: See Miller, Dorothy

Benere, Douglas: 50

Benere, Edward: 50

Benere, Marjorie: See Miller, Marjorie

Benie, Annie (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Benvie, Samuel: 61

Black Loyalists – “The Grove Settlement 1800”: 26

Blois, Captain Cornelius: 20

Blois, Daniel Garret ‘Devil Dan’ (author of Ode to the Babes in the Woods): 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

Blois, Mrs.: See Miss MacMullen

Blois, Nelson (son of Daniel): 56, 68

Bone, Eliza: See MacDowell, Eliza ‘Liza’

Bone Family: 64

Bone, Michael (Sergeant, British Army): 30, 32

Boutilier, Annie: See Miller, Annie

Boutilier, William: 36

Bowen, John: 27

Bowen, Mary: See Mary (married John Bowen)

Bowes, Catherine (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Boyd, Simon: 27

Boyd, Sophie (married James West): 41, 42

Boyd, Spencer: 27

Boylan, Mary (married James MacDowell): 32

Brittan, Emily: See Miller, Emily (married Suel Brittan)

Brittan, Suel: 21

Brown: 58

Brown, Almira (married John Anthony Holland): 36

Brown, Francis: See Meagher, Francis

Burke, Edmond: 32

Burke, Lizzie: See MacDowell, Lizzie

Burton, Reverend John: 28

Calburn, Levine (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Cameron, Anna (married James Martin Meagher): 33

Carr, Margaret (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Chamberlain, Theopilus: 10, 11, 13, 16, 34, 38, 41

Chapman, John (Guide): 25

Clarke, William (Guide): 25

Clayton, Reverend W. P.: 28

Cole, Alexander: 40

Cole, Bridget: See Ledwidge, Bridget

Cole Family: 35

Cole, Leona (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Coote, Eleanor Louise (married John E. MacDonald): 31, 32

Coote, Ellen Louise (married John Edward McDonald): 34

Coote, Eyre (native Ireland, son of widower John William Coote): 31

Coote Family: 64

Coote, Isabella: See Morpeth, Isabella

Coote, Captain John William (native Ireland): 31, 32

Coote, Mars (native Ireland, son of widower John William Coote): 31

Coote, Mary: See MacDowell, Mary

Coote’s Pines: 15

Coote Property: 79

Cor, Thomas: 76

Corbett, Patrick: 27

Cornwallis, Lord: 21

Cox, Elizabeth (daughter of Jane and Thomas, married James McDonald, died while four children young): 55

Cox, Jane: See Strath’Dee, Jane

Cox, Thomas (native Ireland): 55

Crawley, Reverend John: 28

Curran Family: 39, 48

Curry, Beret: 59, 60

Davis, Vera: See Dillman, Vera

Desmond, Reverend Fr.: 43

Dickey, Hannah Ann (married William Goff): 35, 75

Dillman, Alexander (son of Christopher): 61

Dillman, Cass: See Andrews, Cass

Dillman, Christopher: 61

Dillman, Elvis (daughter of Alexander): 61

Dillman, Emily: See Emily

Dillman, George: 81

Dillman, John (son of Christopher): 61

Dillman, Kenneth: 45

Dillman, Lewis: 39

Dillman, Louis: 68

Dillman, Sandy (son of Thomas): 61

Dillman, Thomas (son of Christopher): 61

Dillman, Vera (Atkins School teacher, married Mr. Davis): 54, 61, 80

Dixon, Reverend Edward: 28

Donaldson, Elizabeth (married Alfred MacDowell): 32

Dower, Paddy: 42, 43, 45

Doyle Farm: 43, 48, 71

Doyle, Frank (son of Jane and Peter): 44

Doyle, Jane: See Jane

Doyle, Leo: 74

Doyle, Maurice (son of Jane, step-son of Peter Doyle): 44, 46

Doyle, Patrick: 45

Doyle, Peter: 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48

Drysdale, Bertha (married William Kidston): 29

Dykeman, Emma (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Edgar, James (of Boston): 50

Edgar, Myrrha: See Poole, Myrrha

Elliott, Marguarite (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Ferguson Family: 35

Ferguson, John: 74

Fleming, Susan (married John Henry Meagher): 33

Forrester, Henry (buried Fall River Anglican Cemetery): 22

Fraser, Elizabeth: See Miller, Elizabeth

Fraser, William: 37

Garrison, Granville: 65

Garrison, Margaret: See Meagher, Margaret

Garrison, Margaret (daughter of Adella (nee Meagher) and Mr. Garrison): 79

Garrison, Roblin: 34

Glasgow, Reverend John: 28

Goatly, William: 34

Goff, Almira: See Brown, Almira

Goff, Clifford Franklin: 36, 63, 75, 75

Goff, Eliza Ann: 36

Goff, Earnest Simpson: 36

Goff, Eleanor (native Ireland, married John Miller): 48

Goff, Ernst: 76

Goff Family: 63

Goff Farm: 14

Goff, Hanna Alexandera (married Thomas Mortimer): 36

Goff, Hanna Ann: See Dickey, Hanna Ann

Goff, John: 11

Goff, John Anthony Holland: 36

Goff, Martha Jane: See MacDougall, Martha Jane

Goff, Mary: See Greenough, Mary

Goff, Mary Eleanor (married Alexander MacDougall): 36

Goff, Michael: 11

Goff, Mrs. Miles: See Miss 2?

Goff, Thomas: 11, 12, 35

Goff, William: 35, 68, 75

Goff, William Miles Dickey: 36

Gotobed Farm: 51

Gotobed, Mrs. William: See Miss 1?

Gotobed, William (teacher): 38, 39

Graham Family: 35

Greenough Family: 35

Greenough, Mary (married Clifford Franklin Goff): 36

Gregarie Family: 29, 30

Gregarie Farm: 24

Grove Settlement 1800 – The Black Loyalists: 26

Guthrie, Ann (native Antrim Parish, Withstrow, Ireland, settled at Antrim, NS in 1816, married John Kerr): 56

Hamilton Farmhouse: 55

Higgins, Joyce (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Higley, John: 61

Hogan, Myrrha (native Ireland, niece to Ellen Wallinson, married Edward Robertson Poole): 50

Holland, Anthony: 12

Holland, Eleanor: 12

Holland, Thomas: 25

Holland, William: 25

Horne, Catherine (of Enfield, married Samuel Poole): 50

Horne, Edward: 35

Horne Family: 35

Horne, Leo: 74

Horne, Mary (married Allan MacDowell): 32

Howard, Bridget (married 1st wife of Pat ‘Paddy’ Stone): 37

Howe, Joseph: 21

Hudson, Doctor John: 12

Humphreys, James: 42

Hurd, Gladys (married Percy Miller): 49, 50

Isenor, Samuel: 35

Jeffers, Ann (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Jeffrey, Thomas N.: 10

Johnson, Albert: 27

Johnson, George (native Scotland, brother to James and John): 55

Johnson, Isaac: 27

Johnson, James (native Scotland, brother to John and George): 55

Johnson, John (native Scotland, brother to James and George): 55

Johnson, Nathan: 25

Johnson, Nathaniel: 27

Johnson, Judge William: 48

Johnston, Minerva (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Kavanagh, Cecilia (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Keddy, Catherine: 76

Keddy, Neil: 81Keddy, William: 76

Kennedy, John (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Kerr, Ann: See Guthrie, Ann

Kerr, Ann (daughter of Ann and John): 56

Kerr’s Inn: 75

Kerr, James (daughter of Ann and John): 56

Kerr, Jane (daughter of Ann and John): 56

Kerr, Jane: Mullen, Jane

Kerr, John (native Antrim Parish, Withstrow, Ireland, settled at Antrim, NS in 1816): 56, 80

Kerr, John (son of Ann and John): 56

Kerr, Samuel (son of Ann and John): 56

Kerr, unknown (child of Ann and John): 56

Kidston, Bessie (Goffs School Teacher): 30, 79

Kidston, Bertha: See Drysdale, Bertha (married William Kidston)

Kidston, Ella: 26, 30

Kidston, Reginald: 65

Kidston, Sadie: 81

Kidston, William Jr.: 29

Kidston, William Sr.: 29

Kidston, Winifred: 30

King, Christopher: 39

King, wife of Christopher: See Ledwidge (sister #1 to William)

King George as Prince George: 19

Kinsalie, Father Michael (native Ireland, preached Enfield): 74

Knodell, Eliza: See MacDowell, Eliza ‘Liza’

Knodell Family: 64

Knodell, Robert (German): 30, 32

Lane, Abbie (Alderwoman): 64

Laurie, Lt. Colonel John Winburn: 20

Ledwidge, Alfred (son of Margaret and Robert, WWI Veteran): 40, 81

Ledwidge, Bridget (daughter of John, married Alexander Cole): 40

Ledwidge Brothers: 67

Ledwidge, Catherine (daughter of Margaret and Robert): 40

Ledwidge, Cora Ann

Ledwidge, Cornelius (son of Margaret and Robert): 40

Ledwidge, David (son of Margaret and Robert): 40

Ledwidge, Donald: 81

Ledwidge, Duncan: 81

Ledwidge, Elizabeth (daughter of Jane and Richard): 37, 40

Ledwidge, Emery: 81

Ledwidge Family: 63

Ledwidge, Frank (son of Margaret and Robert, WWI Veteran): 40, 81

Ledwidge, Gertrude: See Smith, Gertrude

Ledwidge Homestead: 71

Ledwidge, Ida: See Patterson, Ida

Ledwidge, James: 36, 75

Ledwidge, James (son of Margaret and Robert): 40, 79

Ledwidge, Jane (married John MacDowell): 32

Ledwidge, Jane: See Jane

Ledwidge, Jane (daughter of Jane and Richard): 37, 40

Ledwidge, John (married three times): 39, 40

Ledwidge, John (son of Margaret and Robert): 40

Ledwidge, Joseph: 81

Ledwidge, Laurie: 40

Ledwidge, Margaret: See Sullivan, Margaret

Ledwidge, Mary (daughter of Jane and Richard): 37, 40

Ledwidge, Mary Jane (daughter of John, unmarried, road named after her): 39, 40

Ledwidge’s Mill: 15

Ledwidge, Richard: 37, 39, 40

Ledwidge, Robert: 30, 32, 44, 45, 79, 81

Ledwidge, Robert (son of Jane and Richard): 37, 40, 79

Ledwidge, (sister #1 to William, married Christopher King): 39

Ledwidge, (sister #2 to William): 39

Ledwidge, Tim: 77, 79

Ledwidge, Timothy: 79

Ledwidge, Velma: 77

Ledwidge, William (brother to wife of Christopher King): 39

MacDonald, Judge James: 47

MacDonell, Annie: See MacDowell, Annie

MacDonell, Arthur: 32

MacDonell, Edward C.: 32

MacDonell, Elizabeth: See MacDowell, Elizabeth

MacDougall, Alexander: 36

MacDougall, Martha Jane (married William Miles Dickey Goff): 36

MacDougall, Mary Eleanor: See Goff, Mary Eleanor

MacDowell, Alfred (son of Mary and James): 32

MacDowell, Allan: 32

MacDowell, Andrew (son of Mary and James): 32, 63, 81

MacDowell, Annie (married Edward C. MacDonell): 32

MacDowell, Burton (son of Mary and James): 32

MacDowell, Edmond (son of Mary and James): 32, 63

MacDowell, Eliza ‘Liza’ (native of Somerled of the Isles, Scotland, arrived 1830, sister to Katherine, Mary and

James, married Michael Bone, married Robert Knodell): 30, 32

MacDowell, Elizabeth (married Arthur MacDonell): 32

MacDowell, Elizabeth: See Donaldson, Elizabeth

MacDowell, Ellie (married Patrick Malley): 32

MacDowell, Esmond (son of Mary and James): 32, 63

MacDowell Family: 63

MacDowell, Florence (daughter of Mary and James): 32, 33, 63

MacDowell, Frank (son of Mary and James): 32

MacDowell, James (native of Somerled of the Isles, Scotland, arrived 1830, brother to Mary, Eliza and Katherine):

32, 32

MacDowell, James (son of Mary and James, died in infancy): 32

MacDowell, Jane: See Ledwidge, Jane

MacDowell, John: 32

MacDowell, Katherine (native of Somerled of the Isles, Scotland, arrived 1830, sister to Eliza, Mary and James,

married Timothy Sullivan): 30, 32

MacDowell, Lizzie (married Edmund Burke): 32

MacDowell, Maggie (married Thomas Sexton): 32

MacDowell, Margaret (daughter of Mary and James): 32, 63

MacDowell, Mary (native of S

merled of the Isles, Scotland, arrived 1830, sister to James, Eliza and Mary, married 2nd wife of John Coote): 31, 32MacDowell, Mary (did not marry): 32

MacDowell, Mary: See Boylan

MacDowell, Mary: See Horne, Mary

MacDowell, Patrick (did not marry): 32

MacDowell, Roy (son of Mary and James): 32, 63

MacDowell, Sandra Jane (married Thomas Miller): 50

MacDowell, Sidney (son of Mary and James): 32, 63

MacKay Family: 20

Mackenzie, Rosella: See Miller, Rosella

Mackenzie, Wallace: 36

MacLellan Family: 19

MacMichael, Helenor Jane: See Poole, Helenor

MacMichael, James (of Antrim): 50

MacMichael, Pearl: See Pearl

MacMillan, John: 62

MacMullen, Miss (married Nelson Blois): 56

MacPherson, Frank: 20

MacRae, Mary (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Malley, Ellie: See MacDowell, Ellie

Malley, Patrick: 32

Marshall, Blanche (daughter of Mary and John): 56

Marshall, James (son of Mary and John): 56

Marshall, John: 55, 56Marshall, Mary: See McDonald, Mary

Marshall, Thomas (son of Mary and John): 56

McDonald, Constable: 45

McDonald, Angus (son of Ellen and John Edward): 34

McDonald, Catherine ‘Katie’: 23

McDonald, Catherine: See Smith, Catherine

McDonald, Catherine (daughter of Ellen and John Edward): 34

McDonald, Catherine: See Smith, Catherine

McDonald, Cecilia: See Miller, Cecilia

McDonald, Charles Hay (son of Ellen and John Edward): 34

McDonald, Charlotte (daughter of Sarah and William): 20

McDonald, Edward ‘Burton’ (son of Ellen and John Edward): 34, 63, 81

McDonald, Eleanor: See Coote, Eleanor Louise

McDonald, Elizabeth: See Cox, Elizabeth

McDonald, Ellen: See Coote, Ellen Louise

McDonald, Ellen: See Redden, Ellen

McDonald Family: 63, 64

McDonald, Frances Veronica (daughter of Ellen and John Edward, married Charles Vandergraft): 34, 63

McDonald, George (son of Cecelia and Sylvester): 56

McDonald, Harry (son of Elizabeth and James, raised by Cox Family): 55

McDonald, Henry: 34, 55

McDonald Homestead: 14, 71

McDonald, James (son of Sarah and William): 20

McDonald, James: 55

McDonald, Jane (daughter of Sarah and William): 20

McDonald, John (son of Sarah and William): 20

McDonald, John (son of Ellen and Angus): 34

McDonald, John Allen (son of Ellen and John Edward): 34

McDonald, John E. (married Eleanor Louise Coote): 32, 45, 48

McDonald, John Edward (son of Henry): 34

McDonald, Lucille (daughter of Ellen and Angus): 34

McDonald, Margaret (daughter of Mary and Thomas, married Mr. Oakes): 55

McDonald, Marion (daughter of Cecelia and Sylvester): 56

McDonald, Martin Vincent (son of Ellen and John Edward): 34, 63

McDonald, Mary (daughter of Sarah and William): 20

McDonald, Mary: See Miller, Mary

McDonald, Mary Ellen ‘Min’ (daughter of Ellen and Angus): 34, 76, 77

McDonald, Mary Ellen ‘Min’ (daughter of Ellen and John Edward): 34, 63, 76, 77

McDonald, Mary (daughter of Elizabeth and James, raised by Cox Family, married John Marshall): 55, 56

McDonald, Minnie (Goffs School Teacher): 79

McDonald, Pauline (daughter of Cecelia and Sylvester): 56

McDonald, Sarah: See Wardrope, Sarah (married William McDonald)

McDonald, Sarah (daughter of Sarah and William; married Arthur Wilson): 20

McDonald, Susan (daughter of Sarah and William): 20

McDonald, Sylvester (son of Elizabeth and James, raised by Cox Family): 37, 55, 56

McDonald, Thomas (son of Elizabeth and James, raised by Cox Family): 36, 55

McDonald, William: 20, 79

McDonald, William Henry (son of Ellen and John Edward): 34, 79

McKay, Dr.: 45, 46

McMillan, John: 61

McMullen, Archibald: 62

McMullen, Ross: 62

Meagher, Constable: 46

Meagher, Adella (Goffs School Teacher, married Mr. Garrison): 79

Meagher, Anna: See Cameron, Anna

Meagher, Elsie (daughter of Susan and John): 33

Meagher Family: 34, 63, 75Meagher, Francis (married Brown): 30

Meagher, Francis (daughter of Susan and John): 33

Meagher, George (son of Susan and John): 33

Meagher, Henry (son of Susan and John): 33, 79

Meagher, Home: 41

Meagher, James Martin (native Tipperary): 33

Meagher, Jane Elizabeth (one of the Babes in the Woods): 57, 58, 59, 60

Meagher, John Henry (son of Captain Martin): 33

Meagher, Captain Martin: 33

Meagher, Margaret (married Roblin Garrison): 33, 65

Meagher, Margaret (one of the Babes in the Woods): 57, 58, 59, 60

Meagher, Mary (daughter of Susan and John): 33

Meagher Sisters: 13, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

Meagher, Susan: See Fleming, Susan

Meagher, Susan (daughter of Susan and John): 33

Miller, Angus (son of Eleanor and John): 48

Miller, Annie (married William Boutilier): 36

Miller, Bridget (daughter of Eleanor and John): 48

Miller Brothers: 21, 68

Miller Brothers Mill: 15

Miller, Catherine (daughter of Eleanor and John): 48

Miller, Cecilia (married Sylvester McDonald): 37, 56

Miller, Charles (son of Eleanor and John): 48

Miller, Dorothy (daughter of Gladys and Percy, married Douglas Benere): 50

Miller, Eleanor: See Goff, Eleanor

Miller, Eliza: See Reeves, Eliza

Miller, Elizabeth (married William Fraser): 37

Miller, Emily (married Suel Brittan): 21

Miller Family: 11, 22, 39, 63

Miller Farm: 43, 44

Miller, George: 36

Miller, George (son of Eleanor and John): 48

Miller, Gladys: See Hurd, Gladys

Miller, Harold: 81

Miller, Henry (son of Eleanor and John): 48

Miller, Isabel (daughter of Margaret and Thomas, died 1890, influenza epidemic): 48

Miller, John (native Scotland): 21, 22, 48

Miller, John (son of Eleanor and John): 48

Miller Lake Dragon: 23

Miller, Lucy: See Reeves, Lucy

Miller, Margaret: See Barry, Margaret

Miller, Margaret (daughter of Eleanor and John): 48

Miller, Margaret: See Smith, Margaret

Miller, Marjorie (daughter of Gladys and Percy, married Edward Benere): 50

Miller, Mary (married Thomas McDonald): 36, 55

Miller, Mina (daughter of Gladys and Percy, married Gordon Ross): 50, 65, 77

Miller, Minnie (daughter of Margaret and Thomas, died 1890, influenza epidemic): 48

Miller, Nellie (daughter of Eleanor and John): 48

Miller, Percy (son of Margaret and Thomas): 48, 77

Miller, Phillip: 21

Miller, Robert (son of Margaret and Thomas, died 1890, influenza epidemic): 48

Miller, Rosella (married Wallace Mackenzie): 36

Miller, Sandra Jane: See MacDowell, Sandra Jane

Miller, Thomas: 45

Miller, Thomas (son of Eleanor and John): 48

Miller, Thomas (son of Gladys and Percy): 50

Miller, William: 36

Miller, William ‘Bill’: 42, 76

Miller, William (son of Eleanor and John): 48

Miller, William (son of Margaret and Thomas, died 1890, influenza epidemic): 48

Morash, George: 65, 77

Morgan, Reverend: 28

Morpeth, Isabella (native Whitegate, County Cork, Ireland, married 1st wife of John Coote): 31

Morrell, John: 65

Morris, Charles: 11

Mortimer, Hannah Alexandera: See Goff, Hannah Alexandera

Mortimer, Thomas: 36

Mullen, Jane (married James Kerr): 56

Mulligan, James (native Ireland): 31

Murphy Property: 62

Nelson, Ada (daughter of Jane and Freeman): 55

Nelson, Earl (son of Jane and Freeman): 55

Nelson, Freeman: 55

Nelson, Garnet (twin to Gertrude, son of Jane and Freeman): 55

Nelson, Gertrude (twin to Garnet, daughter of Jane and Freeman): 55

Nelson, Helena (daughter of Jane and Freeman): 55

Nelson, Jane: See Smith, Jane

Nelson, Roy (son of Jane and Freeman): 55, 81

Nelson, Stanley (son of Jane and Freeman): 55

Nelson, Vera (daughter of Jane and Freeman): 55

Nuttle, Willoughby (settled at Nuttle Hill in 1790, first post office at his house): 61

Oakes, Mary: See McDonald, Mary

Oakes, Mr.: 55

Oliver, Reverend W. P.: 28

O’Shaughnessey Family: 35

Patterson, Ida (married James Ledwidge): 40, 75

Penwarren Brothers (native Ireland): 39, 40

Perrin Farm (son of early settlers of McNab’s Island): 24

Pleasant, Harry: 65

Polluck Family: 19

Polluck, Mr.: 20, 21

oole, Catherine: See Horne, Catherine

Poole, Edward Robertson (native Ireland): 50

Poole, George (son of Myrrha and Edward): 50

Poole, Helenor Jane (daughter of Myrrha and Edward, married James MacMichael): 50

Poole, Josie: See Vanderbilt, Josie

Poole, Myrrha: See Hogan, Myrrha

Poole, Myrrha (daughter of Myrrha and Edward, married James Edgar): 50

Poole, Samuel: 50

Power, Detective: 45

Preeper, Arnold: See Preeper, William (alias Arnold)

Preeper, Charles: 33

Preeper, George: 26

Preeper, Mrs. Mary Ellen: See Mary Ellen

Preeper, Mina: See Mina (married William Preeper)

Preeper, William: 26, 54

Preeper, William (alias Arnold): 43, 46, 47, 48

Preston, Reverend Richard: 28

Prince Edward of Wales: 19

Prince George of Wales, later King George V: 19

Prince of Wales, George V: 47

Pulsifer, Phyllis (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Rafters, John Wesley: 22

Rafters, Sophia: See Reeves, Sophia (married John Wesley Rafters)

Ready, Thomas: 36

Redden, Ellen (married Angus McDonald): 34

Reeves, Eliza (married John Miller): 21, 22

Reeves Family: 11

Reeves, John: 22

Reeves, Lucy (married Phillip Miller): 21

Reeves, Sophia (married John Wesley Rafters): 22

Reeves, Doctor William Henry: 21

Rhind, Lou (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Richards, Sesbastian: 11

Riley, Michael: 31

Robertson, Edna (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Ross, Gordon: 50

Ross, Mina: Miller, Mina

Sexton, Maggie: See MacDowell, Maggie

Sexton, Thomas: 32

Skeir, Reverend D. D.: 28

Skerry, Nellie (married 2nd wife of Pat ‘Paddy’ Stone): 37

Smith, Agnes (born NS, daughter of Catherine and Michael): 55

Smith, Catherine (married Henry McDonald): 34

Smith, Catherine (native Ireland, daughter of Catherine and Michael): 55

Smith, Mrs. Catherine: See Catherine

Smith, Gertrude (married John Ledwidge): 40

Smith, Jane (born NS, granddaughter of Catherine and Michael, married Freeman Nelson): 55

Smith, Leo: 81

Smith, Margaret (native Ireland, married Thomas Miller): 48

Smith, Mary (born NS, daughter of Catherine and Michael): 55

Smith, Martin (native Ireland, son of Catherine and Michael): 55

Smith, Michael (native Ireland): 55

Smith, Michael (born NS, son of Catherine and Michael): 55

Smith, Samuel (of Preston): 50, 51

Smith, Titus: 11, 16, 38

Soldier’s Settlement 1815 – 1825: 25

Sparks, Winslow: 27

Stairs, William: 39

Stevenson, Mr. 45, 46

Stone, Bridget: See Howard, Bridget

Stone, Nellie: See Skerry, Nellie

Stone, Pat ‘Paddy’ (owner of Paddy & Biddy’s Inn): 37, 38, 74

Strath’Dee, Jane (married Thomas Cox): 55

Sullivan Family: 63, 64

Sullivan, Katherine: See MacDowell, Katherine

Sullivan, Margaret (daughter of Katherine and Timothy, married Robert Ledwidge): 32, 37, 38, 40

Sullivan, Margaret (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Sullivan’s Spruce: 15

Sullivan, Timothy: 30, 32

Teasdale, Johnny: 60

Teasdale, Mrs.: See Miss 3?

Topp Brothers: 68

Topp, James (native of Scotland): 24

Topp, Mary: See Tulloch, Mary (married James Topp)

Topp, William (native of Scotland): 24

Tulloch, Mary (married James Topp): 24

Tully Property: 62

Van Buskirk, Maude (Goffs School Teacher): 79

Vanderbilt, Josie (married George Poole): 50

Vandergraft, Charles: 63

Vandergraft Family: 35

Vandergraft, Francis: See McDonald, Francis Veronica

Wallinson, Ellen (native Ireland, aunt to Myrrha Hogan): 50

Wardrope, Sarah (married William McDonald): 20

West, Bertha (married Wilson): 41

West, James: 41

West, Jeremiah: 27

West, Sophie: See Boyd, Sophie

Whidden Family: 35

Whidden, Willis: 74

Williams, James: 27

Williams, Mini: See Mini (married James Williams)

Wilson, Arthur: 20

Wilson, Bertha: See West, Bertha

Wilson, Deacon Charles: 29

Wilson, Mr.: 41

Wrights Family: 35

Wyse, Reverend A. A.: 28

Wyse, Warren: 81

Wyse, William: 61

10 thoughts on “History Along the Old Guysborough Road

  1. Pingback: History Along the Old Guysborough Road « Roots to the Past

  2. I have found one of our ancestors listed and would like to know how I get a copy of the book, to see if there is any other information about her and the families written.


  3. This is a good book on The Old Guysborough Road, not overly true, it goes between lookout rd and guysborough rd.If you know the area, you know the difference


  4. I would like a copy of this book or somewhere where I can buy it. I have lived on the Old Guysborough Rd since 2003 and I’m very interested in the history there.


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