No ordinary teacher: A remembrance of Terry Punch


By John Macleod

Known throughout the Maritimes and beyond as a genealogist Terry Punch, in writing his obituary, characterised himself as “a retired educator … active in historical and genealogical circles.” A victim of cancer, he died on April 11, 2017, three months and four days after his 80th birthday.

terry_punch Terry Punch, 1937-2017

Well known in the Maritimes as CBC radio’s “resident genealogist,” his appearances on the regional call in program Maritime Noon began in 1987 and were widely anticipated. Throughout the Maritimes listeners queued up on the phone lines to pitch their genealogical problems his way. With his encyclopedic knowledge of immigration patterns, genealogical sources, and the origins of family names, strike outs were rare and the insatiable appetite of many Maritimers for genealogical information was usually met with some new facts offered to each caller until his last appearance this December.

The funeral home’s online guest book…

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