200th Brig Trafalgar Anniversary

In 1817, the Brig Trafalgar left Hull, Yorkshire, England with 159 immigrant passengers travelling to Saint John, New Brunswick, and Quebec City, Quebec. After about two months at sea, the brig was rounding the western point of Nova Scotia when it became lost in fog and grounded on Brier Island, Digby County, NS.

No passengers or crew were killed or injured, but the Trafalgar was a total loss. Five members of the Short family were aboard.

This year will mark the 200th anniversary of that fateful voyage. A commemoration service is planned for July 25, 2017 at Brier Island. Descendants of all immigrants are welcome to join the festivities.

For further information, contact:

  • Al Short by email (shortjerusalem@yahoo.com) or by mail (133 Cherry Street, Middleboro, Massachusetts  02346  USA
  • Verna Mott by mail (219 Ellerdale Street, Apt. 159, Saint John, NB  E2J 3W1)
  • Ken Short, Calgary, AB, by phone (877-806-7915 Toll Free)

To learn more about the ship and see a list of passengers that were aboard, visit The Ship’s Lists.


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