Column: Canada’s First Overseas Military Operation: Nile Expedition

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Title: Canada’s First Overseas Military Operation: Nile Expedition

Snippet: I went to school at a time when Canada wasn’t proud of their wars. I didn’t learn anything about either World Wars or the Korean War in the classroom. Still, I knew they took place because family had served in them. The War of 1812 was mentioned in school, but it was downplayed as unimportant.

This lack of pride in our Canadian military history included no mention of the Boer War (1899 – 1902). I learned about that in my forties. Until then, I had thought Canada had first fought overseas as a country in the First World War (1914 – 1918). Recently, I learned the Boar War wasn’t the first campaign either.

I had been looking up information for a man killed during the First World War on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial website (CVWM) when I spotted a conflict I didn’t recognise: Nile Expedition.

A Google search turned up lots of information on a part of our history completely ignored in school. If I didn’t know about it, then I also didn’t know if an ancestor had served in the expedition. I needed know more. Here’s what I found.

. . . To read more, pick up one of the above noted newspapers.

4 thoughts on “Column: Canada’s First Overseas Military Operation: Nile Expedition

  1. Editor needed: Boar is a wild pig, Boers were German speaking folk fighting British in 19th century war; “uprising” is the noun not “the up rise”; and the Canadians “embarked” at Halifax and “disembarked” in Cairo. I did read your column and found the story interesting about Canadians sailing up the Nile but three grammatical errors were too many.

    • Hello CR Cox, are you telling me the errors appeared in print? That no one edited my column? There’s supposed to be an editor who looks at the columns. Although I strive to be correct, I do make errors. Every writer needs an editor because they are blind to some of their mistakes. Thank you for pointing out these errors. I will correct them in my original copy. Although I should check my original copy. Sometimes an editor can add mistakes. I recall several years ago that I had written “First World War” and they had changed it to “WWII”, not “WWI”.

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