Statistics Canada Workshops in Halifax and Moncton

This notice arrived in my inbox this morning. I am not affiliated or involved in the workshops. I am passing on the information for anyone who may be interested.

1. Introduction to Basic Statistics (1 day) 10H0104
Quebec City


  • Tuesday, April 4 in English


  • Wednesday, April 12 in French


  • Wednesday, May 10 in English


  • Wednesday, May 17 in French
A quick refresher course for those who have had statistical training in the past or a fast-paced introduction to basic statistics for beginners. Statistical measures such as percentages, averages, frequency and standard error are used widely. But how are they calculated, and exactly what do they tell us? This one day workshop will help participants develop an appreciation of the potential of statistics and a critical eye of when and how they should or shouldn’t be used.
2. Introduction to the Development and Design of Survey Questionnaires (1 Day) 10H0102


  • Wednesday, March 15 in French


  • Thursday, March 16 in English


  • Wednesday, April 5 in English


  • Thursday, April 6 in French
Quebec City


  • Wednesday, May 3 in French


  • Thursday, May 4 in English
This workshop is intended for individuals who wish to gain a basic knowledge that will allow them to develop their own survey questionnaires or evaluate the quality of questionnaires that have been developed by other organizations. This workshop is also an excellent complement to the workshop « Surveys from Start to Finish ».
This workshop covers all factors essential to the development and design of survey questionnaires. The preparatory steps for questionnaire development, the question wording and types of questions to use depending to the collection method chosen and, the organization and presentation of the questionnaire to facilitate its processing are some of the topics covered in this workshop.
The workshop combines lectures with discussion and practical exercises
3. Turning Statistics Into Stories (1 day) 10H0083


  • Tuesday, May 2 in French


  • Tuesday, May 9 in English


  • Thursday, May 4 in French


  • Thursday, May 11 in English
Join us for a one day introductory workshop that will help you to communicate your message in a more effective manner. During this workshop, you will focus on your target audience, use statistics to present your story and put numbers into a context to help your audience understand your messages.
Learn some useful tips on how to use tables, graphs and maps to illustrate your story.
Emphasis is on getting your message across in five easy to follow steps:


  • State your key messages
  • Get the evidence
  • Understand the evidence
  • Match the data to your messages


  • Tell your story
Practise the five steps by using examples from Statistics Canada throughout the workshop.
4. Statistics Canada’s Supply-Use Framework (2 Days) 15H0010
Quebec City


  • Monday and Tuesday, March 27-28 in English


  • Wednesday and Thursday, March 29-30 in French


  • Monday and Tuesday, April 24-25 in French


  • Wednesday and Thursday, April 26-27 in English
This workshop provides an overview of Statistics Canada’s Supply and Use Tables (formally referred to as the Input-Output Tables) and derived products such as GDP or value-added by industry, the Input-Output multipliers and the Input-Output economic impact model. The presentation is geared towards those who are using, interested in using, or want to have a greater understanding of these products. It is advised that the participants have a general knowledge of macroeconomic concepts such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), international and interprovincial trade, investments (gross fixed capital formation) and household consumption.
To register now or to get more information about costs, please visit our web page.
Thank you for sharing this email with anyone that might be interested in our program.
We look forward to your participation.
Workshops Eastern Region
Statistics Canada | 200 René-Lévesque Blvd. West, Montréal QC H2Z 1X4
Telephone 514-496-7088 (Rachel Fahlman) or 514-283-9720 (Sophia Nicole Ir)
Facsimile 514-283-9350
Government of Canada

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