Column: Finding Free Genealogy Resources on the Internet

Between today and Wednesday, my genealogy column, Roots to the Past, is available in the following Atlantic Canada newspapers:

Saturday: The Citizen (Amherst)

Saturday: Times & Transcript (Moncton)

Wednesday: The Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin (Lunenburg County)

Title: Finding Free Genealogy Resources on the Internet

Snippet: Not everything in life is free, nor should it be. It costs money to create things and to keep them running. People need to be paid, resources need to be bought and hosting webpages cost money. On the other hand, Canadians pay their taxes and government fees. We should expect some genealogy information gathered over the centuries by our government to be made freely available through organisations, such as the archives. Companies, on the other hand, are out to make a profit or they wouldn’t be in the business.

Personally, I feel there is a good balance between free-to-use and pay-to-use services on the Internet. I’ve used both but due to my financial limitations, I lean more towards the free material available. Often times, the information I seek can be found for free, so there’s no reason I should go out of my way to pay for it. Still, I have bought genealogy CDs and books to help in my research, and I’ve purchased vital record certificates, so I could have official copies of the originals.

This time of year, with Christmas draining our bank accounts, it is nice to get something for free. When the weather is too frigid to be outside, it’s the perfect time of year for indoor hobbies. With the new year approaching, it’s also a great time to continue researching your family tree or to begin researching it.

. . . To read more, pick up one of the above noted newspapers.


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