Introducing Shelley’s Family Histories and Mysteries blog

I am discovering many interesting blogs as I surf the Internet. In the past, I have often thought about sharing my discoveries here but for one reason or another, I didn’t, at least not on a regular basis. I’m planning to change this. Once a week, I will post news about a blog (or equally fascinating website) to give others the opportunity to visit. These blogs won’t be restricted to information on Atlantic Canada; they will incorporate the world. After all, my ancestors and their descendants are spread around the planet.

Introducing Shelley’s Family Histories and Mysteries Blog

From Shelley’s About page: “My first introduction to genealogy was when I was about 7 years old, and Mum drew a chart ahead of a holiday to our home town of Perth, Western Australia. This helped me to place my many cousins into their respective families and gave me such a strong sense of belonging.”

Shelley started her blog in January 2016. She shares snapshots and stories about her family in Australia.

Shelley writes, “Shelley’s Family Histories and Mysteries is my personal family history blog. The stories are based on facts that I have found through my research. I will probably try to weave in some of the social history of the time. Sometimes I may write a fictional tale, or parts to a story, and I will indicate when this is the case. Hopefully, it will help make the stories entertaining.”

Check out this blog at Shelley’s Family Histories and Mysteries.

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