Looking for Volunteers to Help Proofread 1921 Census

Dwayne Meisner is looking for volunteers to help proofread the 1921 census of Nova Scotia.

The 1921 census pages on his site have been set up to make it easy to do this. Volunteers must be a member of the site to help. Joining is FREE. It also helps, but is not necessary, to have access to the census images at Ancestry. You can use other resources such as NSHVS, Family Search, Automated Genealogy, etc, to help figure out the names and other information.

To get started, go to the NS Census map at the link below and choose any one of the eighteen counties you want to work on. Then check the “Who’s Helping” button to see what is being done and what has been done.

Once Dwayne receives your first correction, your name will be added to that part of the list for that particular area within the county.

Thanks for helping! Please share this post to other relevant groups.

To help or to learn more about this, visit Dwayne & Francine Meisner’s Family Tree website.

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