Guysborough County Community History Website

Local HistoryThe Guysborough County Community Access Centre (GCCANS) is a community-based program that “aims to provide local citizens with free access to wireless Internet and technical skills required to use it effectively”.

One of the projects completed over the years at the C@P sites was the gathering and assembly of community history in six sites: Goshen, Upper Big Tracadie, Lincolnville, Sunnyville, Larry’s River and Charlos Cove.

Individual pages for each community is found through the drop-down menu at the top under Community History.

Each page provides a brief history on the community, a photograph and (in some instances) a link to a video. The side bar includes topics such as farm life, fishing, folklore, history, school and veterans.

On the Charlos Cove Farm Life page, it states, “In the 1940′s and before, most families had cows, sheep, horses, oxen and chickens to provide their milk, eggs and meat.  They used the oxen to haul wood and horses for work around the farm.

“In the days before refrigeration people salted their meat.  Shelves or buckets were kept in their wells to keep their milk, cream and butter cold and unspoiled.

There’s a picture of a woman and a horse to help visitors envision life in the community.

Liscomb Harbour BandW

The Veteran pages for each community provide names and digital images of attestation papers from the First World War. However, the images are too small to read, even after clicking on them.

The site holds a lot of wonderful history in words and images, so if you have ancestors from the area, check it out. And if you don’t have family from there, you might want to check it out anyways to see how life was like in rural Nova Scotia.

Visit the home page for Guysborough County Community Access Centre and go to the Community History Tab at the top to choose a community.


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