New Genealogy Mailing List for Guysborough County

Genealogy mailing lists have been around for about a decade and a half. I’ve followed several since the early 2000s. These lists put researchers in touch with others researching the same area. They allowed me to connect with others interested in Lunenburg County, Guysborough County, Halifax County and Newfoundland (where my mother is from).

Genealogy mailing lists, however, are slowly fading from popularity. It’s not because genealogy is not popular; if anything, genealogy is more popular than ever. Other ways to communicate and share genealogical information is becoming popular, taking the focus away from mailing lists.

Still, mailing lists serve a purpose, and many researchers still subscribe to them.

In recent months, I’ve discovered a need for a new genealogy mailing list for the county of Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada. The original one—Guysborough County—has been limited to queries only, or a reply to one, on the genealogy or history of Guysborough County at any point in its history.

Other vital information and resources will be rejected as being ‘off topic’. Recently, the administrator, David E. Cann, rejected the following submission made by me.

Subject: Guysborough County Cemetery Inscriptions Find New Online Home

Body of the Message: The hard work and many years of dedication Maureen Brown and Patsy Lumsden put into transcribing the cemeteries in Guysborough County will not be lost after all. It has a new home on Barry Potter’s website. It can now be updated and kept active. This is a list of all the known cemeteries in Guysborough County. There are also many obituaries and headstone images linked to the inscriptions. You can view the new site here:

This submission would have informed list members of this valuable resource, but it didn’t fit into the strict ‘on topic’ rules made by the list administrator. Not all lists are so limited, but the Guysborough County list has been limited to queries only by Mr. Cann.

Anyone interested in a mailing list specifically for the Municipality of St. Mary’s in the County of Guysborough County, is welcome to join a mailing list I created in the spring: St. Mary’s. It is open to everything genealogy and history concerning the entire county. Families have often crossed the municipality line, so the mailing list will allow queries and information from the Municipality of the District of Guysborough too.

Please subscribe to connect with others researching in the same area. Post a query, post an obituary, post a link to a great resources (see note below), post a transcription of a newspaper clipping and similar things. Thank you.

Regarding Links: To guard against viruses, please state that you have verified the link. Messages carrying viruses are usually generic (have nothing to do with genealogy), short and contain a link. I’ve seen these come across mailing lists in the past. If members don’t see a verification of the link or suspect it is a virus, delete it. When I say verify it, simply state after the link on the next line: Verified by (fill in your name).

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