Column: Shout Out to Canadian Genealogists

Between today and Wednesday, my genealogy column, Roots to the Past, is available in the following Atlantic Canada newspapers:

Saturday: The Citizen (Amherst)

Saturday: Times & Transcript (Moncton)

Wednesday: The Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin (Lunenburg County)

TitleColumn: Shout Out to Canadian Genealogists

Snippet: Canadians are a quiet, modest bunch. We don’t often stand up to brag about our accomplishments or blow our own horn. When it comes to genealogy bloggers, writers, researchers and presenters though, it seems we are one of the quietest groups, going about our business like it’s as common as breathing.

That’s not to say we are unsure about what we talk about and that some of us are not experts in the field of research; it means only that we don’t make a big deal out of what we do. But we’re out there, at workshops and genealogical gatherings, and we’re on the web, blogging or helping others on mailing lists and forums. Some of us are authors of books that help genealogists and historians discover their family and community history. The books also preserve our history and culture for future generations.

Quietly doing a job within a community or within a province doesn’t get you known on the world stage, probably not even on the Canadian stage.

. . . To read more, pick up one of the above noted newspapers.


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