Old Cemeteries in Yarmouth County, NS

By now you all know my love affair with cemeteries. Just when I thought cemeteries couldn’t get any better, I met up with Bill Curry, one of the many volunteers who are part of The Old Beaver River and Port Maitland Cemeteries Preservation Society.

Thanks to this group, not only have these cemeteries been cleared and the gravestones identified, they’ve been designated as Registered Heritage Properties and are part of the Nova Scotia Historic Places Initiative. But that’s not all.

Each headstone has a brick with a QR code. If you have a smarthphone, all you have to do is put your phone over the QR code and voila! Up pops scads of information about the “resident” of the cemetery. These may be the only cemeteries in North America where each and every resident is identified in this way. Quite extraordinary when you think about it.

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