Column: Odessa Connecting German and Russian History

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Title: Odessa Connecting German and Russian History

Snippet: One of my father’s older sisters was named Odessa. She was the first and only person I knew with this name. Though I’ve never met her, I have tended to her grave, just a few plots away from Dad’s place of burial.

When I stumbled upon a website called Odessa, I took a second to think about the connection between its purpose and my family. My father’s father was of German decent. The first Tibert (originally Diebert) arrived in Canada in 1751.

I have traced this family line to the Palatinate Area along the Rhine River. Over the centuries, this land has changed hands many times through war. I have no doubt one of the reasons my ancestors left the region is because of the constant threat of conflict. It would not surprise me to learn other family members left as well, given the uncertain conditions. One destination of many Germans leaving their homeland was Russia.

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2 thoughts on “Column: Odessa Connecting German and Russian History

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