The Christmas Truce and football match of 1914.

I have always believed that war was made not by the every day person, but leaders of countries. The truce of 1914 proves this.

Stephen Liddell

Whilst we are getting ready to enjoy or in some cases already enjoying our Christmas in 2014, it is worth remembering what was happening 100 years ago not so far from where I am writing today.  In what is perhaps one of the most inhuman situations in history a series of events played out that perhaps epitomise Christmas better than anything in the last 2,000 years.

The first few months had seen an initial German advance steam roller through Belgium and into France and for a while it really did seem like it would be over by Christmas.  Paris was saved by a desperate though heroic British stand which allowed the French military breathing space and denied a Germany the quick victory they had hoped for and in realty needed.  Unfortunately for all sides, this allowed for a stalemate to set in for hundreds of miles from the North Sea…

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