Nova Scotia Families in Pictures

Earlier this week while searching for one thing I discovered a fascinating website with connections to my family tree. Isn’t that the way things always happen? Look for one trail, get lost on another.

The Internet is packed full of things waiting to be discovered. We just have to keep our eyes open. The reason I excavate sites like this is because I occasionally put my surname in a search engine. I prefer Google, but there are many others out there.

I first select ‘web’ to search, and after surfing a few pages of results, I choose ‘images’ to get a broad range of results.

This time around I discovered Captured in Time, a Nova Scotia site that posts pictures of ancestors. I found several Tibert relatives on the site:

Dorinda Hunt Tibert

Born August 28, 1858 (or 1857) at Greenfield, Queens County, NS, the daughter of Rebecca F. Hunt and James Edward Tibert, the step-daughter of Lucene H. (or E.) Cole.

Dorinda married Charles Cushing Freeman on December 14, 1880 at Greenfield, Queens County, NS [Charles was born October 6, 1848, at Greenfield, Queens County, NS, and died March 1895, age 46 years, 5 months, of embolism at Greenfield. He was the son of Rebecca and Gorham Freeman (I had Graham, but their great granddaughter says, Gorham). During his life time, he was a farmer and lumberman.].

Together Dorinda and Charles had four children, all born in Greenfield.

  1. Walter Percy Freeman, born August 1, 1882
  2. Hilda Rebecca Freeman, born April 5, 1886
  3. Nettie Tibert Freeman, born August 18, 1889
  4. Harry Cleveland  Freeman, born May 26, 1893
  5. Dorinda died February 18, 1943

George Lemuel Tibert

Born December 17, 1856 at Greenfield, Queens Co, NS, son of Rebecca F. Hunt and James Edward Tibert, the step-daughter of Lucene H. (or E.) Cole.

George moved to Fargo, North Dakota, USA in 1887. He was a farmer and engineer. He married Mary Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Lawrence on December 18 (or 20), 1890 in Fargo, ND, USA. [Mary was born September 17, 1869 in Cornwell on the Hudson River, Orange County, New York, USA. She died in 1957 in Florida. Her parents were Henrietta Cottrell and Gustave Frederick Lawrence.]

Together Mary and George had eight children, all born at Fargo, Cass. County, North Dakota, USA.

Children: All born in Fargo, Cass. Co., North Dakota, USA

  1. Lawrence Edward Tibert, born September 16, 1891
  2. Alice Elizabeth Tibert, born November 8, 1893
  3. Mark S. Tibert, born July 17, 1896
  4. Juna Rebecca ‘Ina’ Tibert, born November 24, 1898
  5. Walter Lee Tibert, born August 22, 1900
  6. George William Tibert, born: May 8, 1902
  7. Helen Tibert
  8. James Tibert

George died before the April 9, 1930 USA Census. According to Captured in Time, he died 1922. Now that I have a date to go by, I’ll look into to finding more.

James Edward Tibert

Born August 16, 1825 at New Germany, Lunenburg County, NS, son of Malinda Wust (West) and George ‘Michael’ Teubert (Tibert).

James grew up on New Germany. He was a farmer and lumberman. He married Rebecca F. Hunt on February 12, 1855 at Greenfield, Queens County, NS. Together, they had seven children, all born in Greenfield, Queens County, NS.

  1. George Lemuel Tibert, born 1856
  2. Dorinda Hunt Tibert, born 1858
  3. Ellen Antoinette ‘Nettie’ Tibert, born October 20, 1860
  4. Jennie ‘Jane’ Tibert, born 1862
  5. *Robert L. Tibert (twin), born September 1864
  6. Samuel H. Tibert (twin), born September 1864
  7. *Baby Tibert, born January 1865

*This information is conflicting. Robert and Samuel were born in September 1864. The four-week-old baby that died with the mother would have been born in January 1865. This is not even nine months, so this could not be possible. However, maybe the baby that died with the mother was Robert.

On February 24, 1865, Rebecca passed away due to complications with the birth of her seventh child. The baby died, as well. On September 27, 1866, James married for a second time to Lucene H. (or E) Cole at Greenfield, NS.

On July 27, 1912, at the age of 87, James passed away at Greenfield. He was buried in the Old Greenfield Cemetery, Greenfield, NS. In the summer of 2005, a relative visited the cemetery and found the headstone broken and difficult to read.

At the time of James’ death, it was reported in the newspaper that he was survived by daughter, Dorinda (Mrs. C. C. Freeman) of Greenfield and son, George, of Fargo, ND, USA.

Jennie Tibert

Born July 14, 1862 at Greenfield, Queens County, NS, the daughter of Rebecca F. Hunt and James Edward Tibert, and step-daughter to Lucene H. (or E.) Cole.

Jennie was a weaver. She married Charles Atwood Freeman on December 25, 1887 at Greenfield, Queens County, NS. [Charles was born May 22, 1854 at Greenfield and died November 27, 1895 (or 1894), age 40 years, 6 months, at Greenfield. This was his second marriage. Charles’ parents were Jane Hunt and Nathaniel (or Nicholas) Freeman. During his lifetime, Charles was a farmer.]

Together Jennie and Charles had one child.

  1. Leigh Attwood Freeman, born 1888 at Greenfield, Queens County, NS

[Leigh’s parents died when he was around six years old. In the 1906 Census, he is living with Sarah and Samuel Tibert. Since Jennie’s brother, Samuel died in 1888, this cannot be him. While in Nova Scotia, Leigh was a lumberjack (around 20 years old). In 1911, George Tibert, then a professor at the Ag College (now North Dakota State University) in Fargo, ND, went back to NS and took Leigh there to the USA. Leigh has a granddaughter named Becky Ohnstad.

Jennie died July 8, 1893, at the aged of 30 years, 11 months, at Greenfield, Queens County, NS.

Samuel H. Tibert

Born September 1864 at Greenfield, Queens County, NS, the son of Rebecca F. Hunt and James Edward Tibert, and step-daughter to Lucene H. (or E.) Cole.

Samuel died June 22, 1888 of tuberculosis, at the age 23 years, 8 months, at Greenfield, Queens County, NS.


As luck would have it, I already had copies of these wonderful images from a Freeman relative, so while the find is interesting, it’s not new material.

Most of the images of the Freeman individuals however are new to me. Also I haven’t yet finished exploring all the surnames, so I might come across a few new faces.


One thought on “Nova Scotia Families in Pictures

  1. Interesting about Gorham Freeman – who is the 2nd great grandfather of Rod, my husband’s brother-in law. I went to my family tree on Ancestry and found further info on Gorham, plus a photo of his wife Rebecca, born 1803, and another photo of their headstone. Rod’s Great Grandfather was also named Gorham who it turns out was brother to your Charles Cushing Freeman. We live in British Columbia. Small world..

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