GANS Lecture – How to research your ancestor’s criminal past‏

This message was posted on the genealogy mailing list by a representative of the Genealogical Society of Nova Scotia.

Our next lecture is entitled “How to research your ancestor’s criminal past”. It will be given by Dr. Stephen Schneider, Criminology Graduate Program Coordinator at the Department of Sociology and Criminology at Saint Marybs University.

The lecture will be on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. at the Loyola Building, Saint Mary’s University.

Please note the change in location for this presentation: Loyola Room #176, Ground Floor, The Loyola Building, Saint Marybs University.

The Loyola Building is indicated by the bLAb while the parking is indicated as bPb on the campus map <> .

Brief Description: Sometimes in our family trees, we discover an ancestor who has been involved in criminal activity. Once webre over the shock, we want to know more. Dr. Schneider will walk us through the basics of how to research your ancestorbs criminal past. He will also discuss what resources and tools are available to assist you in tracking down the facts about your ancestorbs questionable activities.

The general public is invited to join the Board and members of the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia for this free lecture!

For more information on our lecture series visit:

Phone: 902-454-0322


Contact: Scott Burke, Programme Convener


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