Hirtle Headstone at Gays River

When I visit a cemetery, one of my objects—besides photography headstones for individuals in my own family—is to photograph stones that are exceptionally old and those which are perishable.

While visiting the Gays River United Church Cemetery a few years ago, I came upon a headstone that may have been more than fifty years old. It was made of wood, and as we know, wood doth not last as long as stone. So I took a picture of it. It read:


Douglas Charles

Born Dec. 3, 1892

Died May 31, 1954

Martha Mary

Born Feb. 22, 1901

Died Jan 31, 1960

We will live on in the hearts of those we leave behind

Hirtle Gays River

The Gays River United Church Cemetery is located at Gays River, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The transcription for the cemetery was completed in 2000 by Debbie Sutherland and is found on the Rootsweb Gays River Cemetery page.

The Gays River United Church (Presbyterian) was first built in 1818. In 1856, residence began a new structure to replace the old building. It opened two years later. The Presbyterian became United in 1925.

Church Gays River United


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One thought on “Hirtle Headstone at Gays River

  1. I look at that picture of the church and think, “What a warm, beautiful day that was.” Then I remember it’s hovering around zero outside and colder temperatures on the way. Brrr.

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