Column: The Significance of Witnesses

Between today and Saturday, my genealogy column, Roots to the Past, is available in the following Atlantic Canada newspapers:

Tuesday: The Kings County Record (Sussex)

Wednesday: The Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin

Thursday: The Western Star (Corner Brook)

Saturday: The Citizen (Amherst)

Saturday: Times & Transcript (Moncton)

Title: The Significance of Witnesses

Snippet: Decades ago when I began researching my family tree I didn’t realise the importance of transcribing all the information contained in a vital record, but I did it anyway. It must have been my inner pack-rat that compelled me to write down everything regardless if I knew what it meant. Names, numbers, dates and places; they were all recorded. This often meant it took longer to complete the transcription of any given record, but I moved forward knowing I didn’t have to return to it to fill in details I may have considered too insignificant to write down.

One of the pieces of information I had gathered from documents was the names of witnesses and informants. Often the names were difficult to read or unrecognizable. In other words, I had no idea who they were. Maybe they were related or maybe they were just passing through when the event occurred and were solicited to provide a signature.

. . . To read more, pick up one of the above noted newspapers.


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