Celebrating 8 years with a book giveaway

Anthology01Roots to the Past is celebrating eight years of publication.

In the past I’ve given away genealogy-related books during an anniversary celebration, but this year I’m giving away one of my own books. It’s called Nova Scotia – Life Near Water. It’s a collection of short stories that takes place in Atlantic Canada. A few stories contain genealogy-related material. The main character in Dancing in the Shine visits the archives for the first time in search of the truth about her name and family.

The short story The Man Who Reads Obituaries is related to the many times I’ve read obituaries during my research. There are the standard obituaries and then there are ones that stand out from the rest, ones that make us stop and think and either laugh or cry. For a moment while reading them it’s like we had a glimpse into the lives of strangers.

For your chance to win a paperback copy of this short story collection, send your name and mailing address by email to Diane Tiber (tibert@live.com). Deadline for entries is October 31st. I’ll provide a week’s grace period to ensure letters by newspaper readers mailed on this date will arrive in time.

The winner will be announced in mid-November.

Thank you for reading Roots to the Past. It is because of you this column is so successful.


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