Burntcoat Lighthouse History

Lighthouse Burntcoat - 5x5The following information regarding lighthouse keepers is found at the Burntcoat Head Lighthouse Interpreter Centre.

William Faulkner tended the lighthouse rom 1918-1949. He retired after 31 years of service, and received the Imperial Service medal, and a pension. In October of 1949 his son Ervin Faulkner moved in the lighthouse. Ervin Faulkner tended the lighthouse from 1949-1960. Ervin was thirteen years old when he first lit the light himself. His father stood at the foot of the steps, and gave him instructions on how to proceed. The lighthouse keeper was required to keep daily records of what time the light was lit in the evening, and what time it was shut off in the morning.

Previous keepers: The first keeper was Nathan Smith from Selma, followed by Prescott Mosher, William Y. Faulkner, William Webber and William B. Faulkner who tended the light for thirty-one years.

When I visited there several years ago, this information along with a newspaper clipping and images were posted to the wall.

Lighthouse Burntcoat - clipping

Lighthouse Burntcoat - Ervin Faulkner

Lighthouse Burntcoat - Map

Lighthouse Burntcoat - Design

The original lighthouse at Burntcoat Head was built in 1858. To learn more about it, visit the History of the Burncoat Head Lighthouse.

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