Great War Veteran Book: They Came From Downeast

ButtonOn August 4, 1914, Britain declares war on Germany, beginning what would be more than four years of bloody conflict. The hundredth anniversary of this event is quickly approaching. To mark it, I’m collecting information on veterans from several communities on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, located in the county of Guysborough.

The communities include: Ecum Secum, Hape’s Point, Marie Joseph, Liscomb Mills, West Liscomb, Wilson’s Cove, Spanish Ship Bay, Liscomb, Little Liscomb, Gegogin and Goldenville.

With the data gathered I’ll create a biography for each of the veterans. At this time, I plan to organise the biographies according to families in their communities. This will give me the opportunity to keep family members together and provide a wee bit of information on each community.

Sample 01aOver the coming months I will present the gathered information for certain veterans on this blog as I strive to find data to complete their biographies. I hope by sharing this material additional information will be uncovered.

If you have any information to share, please contact me at: Diane Tibert:

To date 61 veterans have been discovered in these communities. The complete list can be found here: 100th Anniversary: First World War.


Diane Tibert is a writer based in central Nova Scotia. Her alter-ego is Diane Lynn McGyver. Her short story collection Nova Scotia – Life Near Water is enrolled in Kindle Select, and from now until Sunday September 29th (12pm Pacific Time), it is FREE. The regular price is $2.99. Canadian residents can download it here, and those in the United States will find it here. Thank you for your downloads. Everyone counts.


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