Old Headstone: Mary and John Verner

In October 2007, I visited St. John’s in the Wilderness Anglican Church, New Germany, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, Canada and took a few dozen pictures of headstones. The ones I focussed on had a family connection, but a few were either interesting or very old, so I took a snap of them too.

Of the headstones unrelated to me were that of Mary and John Verner. This couple was one of the first settlers in New Germany.

Their stones read

In memory of John MichL (Michel) Verner

Born A. D. 1743; died at New Germany A. D. 1831

Osgood & Co.

Verner, John Michael New Germany

In memory of Mary MargT (Margaret) Verner

Born in Germany, near? The River Rhine 1751; died 1839

Verner, Mary Margaret New Germany

If you’re interested in learning more about these individuals, check out the Varner Genealogy.


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