Column: The Cause of Death Finally Revealed

Between today and Saturday, my genealogy column, Roots to the Past, is available in the following Atlantic Canada newspapers:

Saturday: Times & Transcript (Moncton)

Tuesday: The Kings County Record (Sussex)

Wednesday: The Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin

Thursday: The Western Star (Corner Brook)

Saturday: The Citizen (Amherst)

Title: The Cause of Death Finally Revealed

Snippet: Summer is for outside activities, particularly if young kids are involved. There’s plenty of time for indoor research when temperatures drop and snow begins to fly.

Today however is different. I’ve been glued to this chair for several hours searching for family members who either were born, married or died in Nova Scotia. Although members of my family have lived in many Canadian provinces, the majority of them have had at least one vital event take place here in New Scotland, aka Nouvelle-Écosse.

Since I live only an hour away from the Nova Scotia Archives, I could visit in person, but why would I when I can access the database that has captured my full attention at home, with a cup of tea by my side and the kids running loose in the yard? And let’s face it, if I were at the archives, they’d have to kick me out at closing because I’d lose track of time.

. . . To read more, pick up one of the above noted newspapers.


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