Eight Original Acadian Families at Tignish, PEI

PEI - Tignish Acadia Names Cape North 5x5North Cape is located on the most northwestly point of land on Prince Edward Island. It overlooks where the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence meet that of the Northumberland Strait. It’s a beautiful location that is certainly worth a visit if you’re on the island.

The fantastic view is one attraction, but the large wind farm certainly grabs the attention. The North Cape Interpretive Centre houses a restaurant, gift shop, information centre and museum/local history centre.

PEI - Tignish Acadia Names Cape North

On one of the information panels at the Interpretive Centre are the names of the eight Acadian families that settled the area, including the community of Tignish, which is a wee bit south of the facility.

The recorded names are: Arsenault, Bernard, Chiasson, Doucette, Gaudette, DesRoches, Poirier and Richard.

PEI - Tignish Acadia Names

18 thoughts on “Eight Original Acadian Families at Tignish, PEI

  1. My name is carla lagace my grandma is from tignish she lost her mother when she was seven years of age and was sent to live with brothers in nb there family name is richard first name firmand richard first wife anne Downey richard family came from st.onge France and my grate grandma’s family Downey were from county cork ireland. We also have family in us one of my grandma’s sisters married her first cousin and had about nine children we know one was named earnest richard. And on Downey side of family we have one of Downey left William Downey known as Billy who is in a home on tignish pei .would love to know if we have any other family in France ireland or us .

      • My grandmother’s family is from Tignish. My Great Grandfather was Peter Richard and my Great Grandmother was Adeline (Gaudet) Richard. Both Richard and Gaudet (or Gaudette) were founding families of Tignish. I have relatives who are trying to research the families and are not having an easy time finding information. Do you have any suggestions of sites to research?

        • I use ancestry and found alot of information on my Gaudet side of the family. It also helps to know birthdays and the days they passed away.

    • My great grandparents were from Tignish…..Peter Richard and Adeline Gaudet (Gaudette?). Both Richard and Gaudet families were founding families of Tignish. Peter and Adeline had children: Margaret, Ralph, John, Joseph, Mary, Lena (born Macrena or Maclean and changed to Lena when she arrived in the US) and Julia or Juliette. They moved to the US (New Hampshire) in the very early 1900’s. I believe 1904, but not certain. Margaret and Lena married two brothers, Samuel and Elias (Leo) Cote from Trois Rivier, Quebec, CA.

    • My family is Downey…originally from Ireland and then in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland…Would love to connect with you Carla!

      • Hi so sorry i haven’t been on this page for quite some time hope all is well with everyone bless you all from Campbellton.n.b be safe healthy and happy Merry Christmas to you all

    • Hi Carla. Billy’s dad William was married to my grandmother’s sister. Her name was Catherine nee Doucette. Billy is in a nursing home in Alberton. He has an above average gift of good memory.

      • Oh my goodness hi yes i know we got to see Billy a fue years back brought my Aunt Bertha to meet her cousin Billy they looked very much alike my aunt Bertha is still living 89 years old and my aunt Jennette is 100 in a home my grate grandmother was Anne Downey married to FEMA Richard boy would i love to get to know all our family will be visiting pei tignish soon i hope if this horrible virus can disappear from the world anyway bless you all Merry Christmas to you all xxxxxxxxx

    • My maternal Bernard grandparents also from Tignish. I live in Plymouth, Ma now..we visit PEI every September..Fall Flavours Festival!

      • We must be related! I used to live in Ipswich, MA, but moved to Maine in the last few years. My grandmother was Elizabeth Perry Bernard and grandfather was John Bernard (they lived in Chelsea, MA most of their lives). Elizabeth’s parents were Peter Perry and Bibienne Poirier, so they were my great grandparents! My other great grandparents, John Bernard’s parents were: Jean Bernard and Henriette Gallant Are any of these names familiar??

      • I will have to look at that Fall Festival! Sounds awesome! I love visiting PEI, it makes me feel close to my maternal grandmother, who grew up on a farm in Nail Pond, near Tignish. I found my great grandparents graves at the Catholic Church in Tignish. Their names were Peter Perry and Bibienne Poirier

  2. My grandmother, Marian, was from Tignish. Her maiden name was Richard. She became Marian Atkinson and lived her life out in Massachusetts (MA) in the US. She passed away in 1978, in her mid 80’s. She always told us that her mother had been a school teacher in France before moving to Tignish. My grandmother was very proud of her French heritage. I know she had at least one brother who lived in Lawrence, MA.

    My father, Warren Atkinson, took us to Tignish in the 1950,s. Nana Marian did not go with us. We met some of the Richard family at that time. I was a child and only remember that one of the Richard men was a lobster fisherman.

    My husband and I may be passing through Tignish in the early summer this year, during a road trip. If I have family still in Tignish, I would enjoy meeting them.

    Marsha (Atkinson) Sullivan

    from Melrose, MA

    • Marsha, I looked at a site called 1901 Census of Canada. automatedgenealogy.com Look at Prince Edward Island, Lot (township/canton) 1, Prince (West/Ouest)
      I found a family member and clicked the page number….there you’ll see the whole families listed together. There are a good number of Richard families….mine is #24. I know I also have Gaudet (Gaudette) and Gallant relatives from PEI. My great grandmother was a Gaudet.

      My family migrated to the Amesbury, MA area then moved to Exeter, NH. One of my grandmothers sister’s…Julia Richard Myers….lived in Lawrence, MA.

      While in PEI, my great grandfather was a lobster fisherman.

      I’m in Exeter, NH.

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