Books, Books and a Few More Genealogy Books

Diane Lynn McGyverIf you’re looking for an out-of-print or hard-to-find book with a connection to Atlantic Canada for yourself or a gift, visit Ruby Cusack’s online Book Shelf .

While searching for a particular history publication, I came across Ruby’s site and was reminded of the hundreds of books she has to offer. The majority focus on Atlantic Canada and the family histories of the people. Books published by major companies as well as the individual can be found there. In many cases, a link from the book provides more information on it, including contents and condition.

It doesn’t matter where you’re located because she delivers the books by mail. Postal rates are listed for those mailed within North America. Payment can be made by credit card (through paypal), cheque or International Money Order.

A small sample of the books for sale include:

The Story of Sussex and Vicinity – New Brunswick by Grace Aiton (1979, third reprint; first published in 1967; $19.95). It contains history of Sussex and neighbouring areas. The website provides chapter titles and a list of individuals whose biographical information can be found in the book.

The Sinking of the I’m Alone by Janice Patton (1973) tells the story of a rum runner ship from Lunenburg captained by John Thomas Randell that was sunk in 1929 in the Gulf of Mexico.

A History of Newfoundland from the English, Colonial and Foreign Records by D. W. Prowse (1972; $94.95) was originally published in 1895. This edition contains more than 700 pages. Thirty-four collotypes (an old photographic process to create prints), more than 300 illustrations and numerous maps help readers visualize the history.

Scotland Farewell: The People of the Hector by Donald MacKay (1980) is the story of the Highland Scots who sailed to Pictou, NS, in 1773 on the Hector and who pioneered the large-scale emigration of Scots to the province.

One of the rarest books listed is Cornelius Steenwyck – Dutch Governor of Acadia by John Clarence Webster. The twelve-page book was privately printed in 1929. This is a copy of the first edition and is in very good condition. It’s listed for $204.50.

Family histories also appear, including History of the Wanamaker Family compiled by William E. Wanamaker for the Wanamaker Re-union, July 11, 1970 ($39.95). Henry Wanamaker came to Canada in 1783 and married Leah Van Neesher.

There are several war books, including What the “Boys” Did Overthere by Themselves (1919; $69.95). Themselves are the boys who went overseas during the First World War. The link for this book lists the names of these men and web pages where some of their stories can be read online.

If you don’t see the book you’re looking for, email Ruby to see if she has it. Not all books in her collection are listed on the website.

Ruby Cusack


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