Celebrating Family History in Lunenburg

Celebrating Family History Conference

South Shore Genealogical Society

June 1st and 2nd, 2012

To Register, call: 640-2471, or email: SSGSCONFERENCE@GMAIL.COM

Registration fee: $20 (Bring your lunch or purchase a brown bag lunch for $7)

Sessions on Friday afternoon: June 1: 1:30pm to 4:00 pm

…“Lessons Learned from Inter-generational Sleuths”- Nancy Wilson, Project Coordinator , SSGS

…“History and Genealogy in the Classroom” – Dr. Ken Paulsen, Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, MA

…“Genealogy: A Contemporary Phenomena or Something Deeper’- Dr. Terry Punch, BEd, MA, CG,CM, FIGRS

Sessions on Saturday – June 2: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

…“Grand-Dad Went to Sea: A Guide to Genealogical Resources at the Fisheries Museum.” – Ralph Getson, BA, BEd

…“Getting Started in Genealogy” – Dr. Terry Punch

…“My Grandmother’s Diaries: Finding Creative Inspiration in Primary Sources” – Joanne Jefferson, MA

…“A New Look at the Founding of Lunenburg County” – Dr. Ken Paulsen

And to celebrate the final phase of this project 20 displays and 5 presentations by “Genealogical Sleuths” from across Lunenburg County.

For more info, see www.ssgs.ca


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