The Incredible Bottle Houses

A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit the bottle houses on Prince Edward’s Island. I hadn’t heard of this magnificent place before checking the tourist information along the route.

Bottle houses, you say. What’s that?

It’s exactly what it sounds like: structures made from bottles. Thousands of recycled bottles to be exact.

Bottle House PEIÉdouard Arsenault of Cap-Egmont began his fantasy structure in 1979 after receiving a post card from his daughter depicting a glass castle on Vancouver Island. After a winter of gathering and cleaning bottles, Édouard set to work cementing them together to create the first of three houses.

Bottle House PEI

Soon after, people visited to see the amazing structure and every summer since, tourists have flocked to Cap-Egmont to view the work of this artist.

Bottle House PEI

You can learn more about this magical place by visiting The Bottles Houses website. There you learn Édouard’s genealogical roots in Atlantic Canada. He was born in 1914, the son of Emmanuel and Roséline Arsenault of Cap-Egmont.

Bottle House PEI

Bottle House PEI

The construction of the glass castle on Vancouver Island that had inspired Édouard began in 1962 and incorporated more than 200,000 bottles. Mable and George Plumb constructed the Haunted Mansion and Medieval Mini Gold Course in the Cowichan Valley. It stood for 33 years before it was destroyed to make way for the widening of the Trans Canada Highway.

Glass Castle, Vancouver Island


5 thoughts on “The Incredible Bottle Houses

  1. Really cool! I viewed a show recently about a man who constructs very tiny houses and actually sleeps in them to try them out. Imagine the patience involved in building a house out of bottles. Need to investigat this further.

    • Wow, sleeping in a small lighthouse sounds adventurous. I agree, it must have taken an enormous amount of patience to construct the bottle house. I don’t think I could do it in this stage of my life.

    • The gardens certainly add to the property. It was a lovely summer’s day when we visited and the garden was beautiful. There were many displays around the yard encorporating shrubs and flowers and bottles.

      Thanks for visiting.

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