Jess Family Memorial

On July 3, 2008, my kids and I were exploring beaches along the Minas Basin, NS. After we left Scots Bay Provincial Park, we travelled north on Highway 358 to see where the road ended. We turned left onto Cape Split Road. The dirt road traced the shoreline and we marvelled at the spectacular scenery.

Then I saw an unusual sign. I pulled over and got out to take a look. The sign turned out to be a memorial to one of the early settlers of Scots Bay. Here is what it read:

Jess Family MemorialJess Family Memorial

This monument commemorates two of Scots Bay’s early pioneer settlers: Lisette (christened Catherine Louise) Payzant (1756-1819) and her husband George Jess Sr. (c.1753-1824).

Lisette was born in Quebec while her mother and siblings were being held captive by the French following the slaughter of her father (by Malecite raiders) in 1756 on Covey Island in Mahone Bay, NS. After the fall of Quebec in 1759, the British repatriated her family to Falmouth, NS, where Lisette and George married and became the progenitors of the Jess family of Nova Scotia. They both lie buried near this memorial on the site of their original homestead established some time before 1792.

Jess Family Memorial


4 thoughts on “Jess Family Memorial

  1. This is a wonderful post/pictures. My husband is a descendant of Louis & Marie Payzant………….His grandmother was Lillian Payzant of Port Mouton, NS. We have the book, “The Journal of John Payzant” published by Lancelot Press, which I would highly recommend for anyone interested in the Payzant family history.

    • I was hoping someone connected with the family would see the memorial post. I do a lot of travelling and take hundreds of photographs of these types of things. I’m happy to share them through my blog.

      Thank you for stopping by and making a comment.


  2. This marker was erected by descendants Lisette Payzant and George Jess, Sr. in 2004 – and was the project of the Jess-Payzant Family Reunion – 2003. The three-day reunion was held in Port Williams, with events in Falmouth and Scott’s Bay.
    George Jess, Sr., a New England Planter, came to Falmouth, Hants County in 1760; he came with his parents (Joseph and Martha) and sister (Elizabeth) from North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

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