East Hants Historical Society

The East Hants Historical Society is located in the former United Church at Lower Selma, Hants County, Nova Scotia. The building dates back to 1865 and is a designated Municipal Heritage Property. It is a repository for documents, photographs, artifacts and other articles pertaining to East Hants and is home to a small research library. The non-profit organisation was established in 1967 and is operated by volunteers.

The Society offers regular programs focussed on local history and genealogy and operates a museum from June to September.

For further details on the historical society and the museum, including hours of opening, visit their website.

Features of interest on the website include:

The Building: A short history about the church. A link to a gallery provides wonderful images of the inside of the church.

Meetings/Events: Provides information on events held by the society. Membership fee is $5.00 per year.

Museum Exhibits: Contains a sample of exhibits seen at the museum, including the embalming table used to embalm John Jacob Astor, the richest man aboard the Titanic.

Family Histories: A list of family histories on site for researchers to utilize, including those for Parsons, White, Hill, Ettinger, Wilcox and many more.

Community Histories: A list of available community histories from Anthony Park to West Gore.

Cemetery Records: A list of cemetery records on site for researchers to use, including 34 for the Cobequid Shore, 23 for the Rawdon Area, 17 for Shubenacadie Area and 18 for Gore, Kennetcook and Noel Area.

History Snippets: A dozen articles about local history. Read about the first country doctor in the Maritimes to wear a petticoat, pioneer cooking and Samuel Cunard.

Before you leave the website, don’t forget to sign their guest book.


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