Mc/MacDonald Nova Scotia Mailing List

A little more than a week ago, I created a mailing list to discuss the Mc/MacDonald families who settled in Nova Scotia. Through this list, I hope descendants of these many families will be able to solve the mysteries within their tree branches.

Everyone with an interest in Mc/MacDonald families in Nova Scotia is welcome to join.

Please, introduce yourself and tell us (if you know) when the first McDonald in your family arrived in New Scotland (Nova Scotia). Provide their name, when and where they were born (or guessed to these facts), where and when they settled in Nova Scotia and the name of their spouse. If you don’t know all this information, tell us what you do know.

If you don’t know the original settler, tell us the first known ancestor with this surname name in Nova Scotia. Perhaps you’ll discover the first McDonald by sharing your information.

To join, visit the RootsWeb page specifically for the MacDonald Nova Scotia mailing list .

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  1. I’m very interested in completing my Mac Donald family genealogy before going to the British Isles to further my research.
    What I know:
    Alexander MacDonald: B1777 in Inverness Scotland. D1873. Married Katherine Kennedy, date unknown. She was born 1787 in Locaber, scotland. They had 3 children and she died 1872. Their son, Angus Mac Donald was born 1811 in Inverness, Scotland. We are not sure whom he married but it could be Margaret Jackson. They had 1 child named Thomas MacDonald who was born 12 Jan 1834 in Straglass, Scotland and died 26 Feb 1904. Thomas married Lydia Ehler who was born 1 May 1835 in Nova Scotia and died 30 April 1918. Thomas was a sea captain and supposedly had 7 ships, One was named the Aletha Lillian but I can not find the names of the other or any information on the Aletha Lillian. The family lived in Boylston but his business was out of Guysborough. I have read that he was a notorious rum runner and I would love to have more information on that issue. He was also involved in the return of the E.A. Horton to America. His son William Donald MacDonald was born 21 November 1869 in Boylston, Nova Scotia and he died under mysterious circimstances on 15 July 1928 . He married Effie MAy Imlay who was born 26 January 1885 in Boylston and died 25 Dec 1977 in Boston. Their daughter, Aletha Lillian Mac Donald Urquhart is my grandmother. I would appreciate any information on this family, their ships and what ship they came over on. as well as any history of their ancestors in Scotland. Thanks very much. I look forward to hearing from other Mac Donalds.

    • Hi Lauralynn:

      I have been following the Thomas MacDonald line a little as he married Lydia Ehler and my great grandfather, Hugh Wm. Fraser married her sister, Esther Ehler. We were also interested in a Clarrisa (MacDonald) Bowie, and wondered if she was a sister or any relationship to Thomas MacDonald. Clarrisa married George Bowie.

      • I’m sorry but I have no information on Thomas Mac Donald’s siblings. I do have information on Lydia Ehler and her family. Please feel free to contact me at for further discussion. I have since found out the names of 3 ships that might be associated with Captain Tom. They are all schooners:
        1. The Sir John A
        2. The Alethea Leillian
        3. The Lydia
        If anyone in Milford Haven has any information on these ships, I would really appreciate having the information

      • Hi – this is for viola james –
        I am a direct descendant of Clarrisa Macdonald Bowie who married George Bowie in Nova Scotia. there are several george bowies and clarrisa’s in the area so it is confusing. I am having trouble tracking them down.
        I was told george left the marriage early with only one daughter ( who married thomas simpson) they say he enlisted in the civil war and died in a prison. thats all I know

    • Hello! I’ve recently joined this group, and would be interested in contacting any potential MacDonald relations out there! My ancestor was Ellen MacDonald; born 1806, Judique Point, Cape Breton, NS; daughter of Alisdair and Janet MacDonald; pioneers from Eilean Shona, Moidart, Scotland. Alisadair was the son of James, son of Donald Mor; (Senior). Donald supported Prince Charlie at Culloden, 1746. Do I have any relations out there still at Judique Point? I understand this is Clan Shamish? (Please pardon my misspellings if there are any!) Best wishes to the entire MacDonald Clan!

      • Hi Monica, I believe that I am also descended from Alisdair and Janet MacDonald through their son James who married Mary MacIsaac and moved to Newfoundland. Their children, all born in NS, married here and settled here. Unfortunately I have no documentation on James except mention in marriage records of his children marrying here and reference to him marrying Mary in The History of Inverness Country. I don’t know his birth or death date but know he is clan sheumas. It is very frustrating. I am ordering the book Fair Is the Place, hoping to find James at Judique or Long Point and willing to share information on the branches here.

        • I forgot to mention that my grandmother, Kathleen Duffenais nee MacDonald was great granddaughter of James and Mary MacIsaac. Their three children married three MacIsaacs and her grandfather was Donald who survived the sinking of the Riverdale. Don’t know anything other than they might have all come from Port Hood,NS. Her grandmother, Mary MacIsaac MacDonald 1841-1941 had a write up in The Casket I am told but I have not found it yet. Wouldn’t that be a Godsend!

  2. The Mc/MacDonalds are an elusive lot. I have successfully researched many branches of our family but the McDonalds are the most difficult. My maiden name is MacDonald, My father was Walter Archibald Mac Donald, Hos father was Duncan Archibald MacDonald, His father was Daniel ( also enterchangable with Donald )who married Sarah MacPherson, both from River Denies ( near Whycocomah, Cape Breton ). They were married in the Presbyterian Church in Whycocomah on the 29th of April, 1873. We have been unable to trace this Daniel other than his parents’ names where Donald and Effie. There were many Effie and Donald Mac Donalds living in this area at this time and they all had children with similar names. The church burned many years ago and all records with it. The Genealogical Society of the area has been very helpful but they have not been able to trace Daniel and Donald. Lots of information On the MacPhersons . Any clues out there?

    • Daniel is interchangeable with Donald, thank you for that information, it helps greatly. Have you taken a DNA test? If all of your other lines are done you can label your matches until all that is left is the McDonald line and then you can work that group specifically. I have had some success with that.
      Good luck with you search. John McDonald

    • Hi
      I am trying to search for Hugh Mcdonald.. married Flora Black or Beach .. They were in Canada.. Their son Malcom Mcdonald Married Sara MacCorquodale in 1870 in Canada Moved to Michigan, 1870 s
      Would love to know about Sarah MacCorquodale .. Her Mother died about 1852 in Eldon,

  3. Hi Diane ..GREAT idea to get as many Mc/Macdonald’s on board.It is a very large and wide spread family for sure. The Mc/Macdonald’s I am seaking have roots in Scotland,Cape Breton, and the South Coast , Fortune Bay areas of Newfoundland. If any one has connections to the Newfoundland side ,please weigh in . Cheers Verna 🙂

    • My name is Alice McDonald my father was George leonard McDonald born in 1929 in Gambo NFLD,he married Maryann Collins .my mom. His dad’s name ,my grandfather was James McDonald born 1888 or 1886 in Bonvista Bay and he married my grand mother Alice Gunn. my great grandfather on my dad’s side was also a James McDonald and i believe he was born around 1805. I am also researching this family’s surname. My dad talked a lot about Gambo NFLD .We were raised in a house in Norris Arm NFLDand i am not sure if my dad bought the land or his parents left it to him. Any info you have may also help me..You can find find more info on NFLD Grandbanks site. Also Norris Arm old cemetery and also the new cemetery .thank you

      • mistake on my great grandfather’s birth it was in and around 1850 and lived in Cape Brenton Nova Scotia before he moved to nfld

  4. My branch of the MacDonald family started with John Alexander MacDonald b. circa 1925, North Uist, Scotland d. Mira Gut, NS, who married Sarah MacDonald b. 1847, Sydney, NS. Sarah’s parents were John and mother Jane unknown. Her siblings were Alex, Margaret, Christie, Mary and Katherine. John Alex. moved his family to New Brunswick so some were born in NS and others in NB, including my grandmother Sarah Jane. Sarah Jane’s siblings were Charlie, Angus, Murdoch, John Alexander, John Archibald and Gladys. After a time they moved back to NS and settled in Truro. A lot of the MacDonald males worked for the CNR. The spellings vary according to whoever wrote info on them…i.e. John Archibald left work with the CNR and was a soldier in WWI where he was killed in action….the military records spell his name as Mc. If anyone may have information on any of these MacDonald’s I would be thrilled. If anyone would like my information I’ll be more than glad to share. Thank you.

    • Martha:
      I would love to have information on John Alexander. I was wondering if he might have lived in Springfield, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. John married Drusilla Acker.
      If you have any information, please let me know.
      Sharon Butler

    • I am also researching Nova Scotia MacDonalds. I am looking for the parents of John Alexander MacDonald, born 26 Dec 1877, North Framboise, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada; died before 1930 Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He married Jessie Flora Mac/McLean (1875-1961) about 1905 in Canada. They had Ruth Irene MacDonald and Stanley Albert/Abbot MacDonald. Any info concerning their ancestors would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • You definitely have to be one of mine!! 🙂 vince cyril mcdonad was my grandfather. His father Vince married margaret jackson. Most of the family were killed in the halifax explosion. He remarried ellen sidebottom jackson and they had my grandfather. 🙂

  5. I am also interested in this line, my great great grandparents were George N. Mc/MacDonald ( many differing opinions there) and Angelina Rumbley. From what information I can gather George was born in 1857 and died in1923, Angelina 1868-1950. If anyone can help me further this line I would be greatly appreciative. I have been told his father was Daniel McDonald and mother Mary Ann Jordan, but have recently been given an entirely new set of “potential parents” for George…those being William McDonald and Charlotte Moser.

    • Cavell, here is what I have on Charlotte Moser and William McDonald (Mc not Mac was used for the most part before 1900s).
      McDonald, William
      Born c. 1824 probably in Harrigan Cove, Halifax County, NS, son of Mary Elizabeth Nolan and Alexander James McDonald.
      William married Charlotte Moser on January 8, 1851. Together, they had at least one child.
      1. George McDonald Born: September 5, 1857
      William died before the 1901 Canada Census. Charlotte was a widow living with her son at Smith Cove, Halifax County, NS.

      For George I have:
      McDonald, George
      Born September 5, 1857, probably on the Eastern Shore, NS, son of Charlotte Moser and William McDonald.
      In the 1901 Canada Census, George, age 43, was single and living with his widow mother, Charlotte, age 74, at Smith Cove, Halifax County, NS.
      Canada Census 1901: District: Halifax County, NS; Subdistrict: Smith Cove P(1), Page 3: Household 30
      Line 39 McDonald George M Head S September 5, 1857 Age: 43
      Line 40 McDonald Charlotte F Mother W November 28, 1826 Age: 74

      If you contact me through email (, I may be able to help further. This ties in with my McDonald family tree.

      • Hi . i was wondering where the name George came into the McDonald branch .. Every time i search McDonald’s i find it hard to trace where the name (George) came from.. To explain better ,my dad was George Leonard McDonald born 1929 his dad was James McDonald born around 1888 give or take a couple years either way.In those years sons were named after their father ,soooo my mind is saying ‘if James is my grandfather where is his son James and how did my dad become a George Leonard and not a James ?my grandparents were living in Norris Arm NFLD .Also from Gambo area and the bonabista area .My great grand parents came from Cape Brentin NS .can anyone help with these mcdonald’s ps my grandfather james was a widow when he married my grandmother in 1914.

    • william george son of murdock and beatrice macdonald. murdock son of george nicholas and angeline rumley. beatrice daughter of william j. and ella blanche macdonald.. george n. son of daniel macdonald and mary ann cope nowlan ? angeline daughter of william rumley and mary ann hilchey.

  6. I am hoping someone will have some information on my McDonalds! I have not had much luck finding information on this family.

    Hugh McDonald (1790-1877) Rum Island, Small Isles, Argyllshire, Scotland. Parents are Niel McDonald and Margaret McLean. I am unsure how Hugh’s birth location is related to either Niel or Margaret. Hugh was the Town Clerk in St Mary’s, Guysborough, Nova Scotia and records his parent’s names and his own birth.

    Hugh is believed to have immigrated to Canada in 1808.

    Hugh McDonald married (1816) Elizabeth Elliot Archibald (1790-1835) who was born in Truro, Colchester, Nova Scotia (parents David and Sarah Archibald).

    Hugh and Elizabeth’s children (mostly born in Sherbrooke, NS):
    *Alexander William Neil McDonald (1818-1885)
    David Archibald McDonald (1820-1859)
    John Angus McDonald (1822-1897)
    Sarah McDonald (1824-)
    James Hugh McDonald (1826-)
    William Thompson McDonald (1827-)
    Margaret McDonald (1829-)
    Isaac Archibald McDonald (1831-)
    Matthew Archiblad McDonald (1832-1832)

    I have some information for Alexander and almost nothing for the rest of the children.

    John Angus McDonald married Hannah Clarke (1824-1900)

    Alexander McDonald married (1845) Rebecca Archibald (1823-1870)

    Alexander and Rebecca’s children (born in Sherbrooke, NS):
    Hugh McDonald (1846-1861)
    James Bayne McDonald (1848-1897)
    *Elizabeth Elliot McDonald (1851-1936)
    Emma Jane McDonald (1857-)
    Sarah Margaret McDonald (1860-1890)
    Grace Melinda McDonald (1863-1894)

    I only have information for Elizabeth.

    Elizabeth Elliot McDonald married (1873) Stephen Thorne Hall

    Elizabeth and Stephen’s children (born in NS):
    Sherbrooke Thorne (1874-1875)
    Florence (1876-)
    Emma Blanche (1876-1943)
    Margaret Grace (1878-abt1957)
    Joseph (1881-bef1891)
    Basil Alexander (1881-1934)
    Gertrude Lucilla (1882-1974)
    *Charles Henry Fairweather (1884-1959)
    Hazel Thorne (1888-1956)
    Lillian Harris (1893-)

    If anyone has any information they would be willing to share I would be very grateful.
    Many thanks
    Best wishes

    • Colleen, I am still looking for information re. Niel McDonald and Margaret McLean. I have ordered a copy of the small Isles census 1765. It has been shipped, but I have not yet rec’d it. The census takers interviewed every family on the small Isles, so there should be good information re. the McLeans and the McDonalds .I found some information regarding marriage between the McDonalds and the McLeans at That website says that the McLeans and the McDonalds have been marrying each other for centuries.
      Also the family/clan branch can be better traced if we figure out if they were catholic or not. Most of the McDonald clans seem to have been catholic and there were many prominent priests from the McDonald Clan who were literate and trained abroad.
      However, our Hugh was married to Elizabeth Archibald in St. mary’s Township by Rev John Waddell of Truro, a Scottish Presbyterian minister. Hugh was an elder in the Presbyterian church. The descendants of Hugh also appear to have been Presbyterian. if this is true, we can hopefully trace our McDonalds and McLeans through the Presbyterian church records in the Hebrides. Since most McDonalds in the Isles were Catholic in 1760’s, perhaps we can narrow the family down to the places where Presbyterian McDonalds lived at that time. (As there were very few families on Rum at that time, they probably had kin on nearby islands.)
      One such possibility is the Isle of Muck where in 1770, the catholic Bishops visiting Muck were “arrested” by a Mrs. McLean, wife of the proprietor of the Island, and kept confined there for two days. The explanation given by Mrs. Mc Lean was that she, “….announced her determination never to allow a priest again to set foot on her husband’s estate.” (Bishops reports on the catholic Highlands -entry # 195).
      Of course, Hugh might have been a Catholic when he was a boy in Scotland. He came as a young man to Nova Scotia, and he might have converted, in which case trying to trace him through church records would be more difficult.

    • Did you get your information on Neil & Margaret? My McDonald is also Neil, but not with McLean, so we run into Neil & Margaret a lot around Havre au Boucher, 1820, etc. Hope that helps!

    • have you check the grand banks nfld census .norris arm nfld for 1921 and 1935 and also gambo newfoundland. some of the names you’ve mentioned are also in my mcdonald history. Our name spelling use to be Mac but we were told at school it was mcdonald .good luck,

  7. My MacDonalds – John and his sons Duncan, William and Alexander came to Pictou County, NS from Invernesshirein 1802 and receiving a land grant in 1818 in the Upper East River (Kerrogare) region.. The family lived in the Sunnybrae/Brigeville/Springville area until the 1960’s. Alexander married another MacDonald, “Mary MacDonald from Salt Springs” (Pictou County?). I do not have the origin of Mary’s family.

    This line does not appear to have other researchers among the community. Suggestions welcome. Thanks.


    • Hi, I am also looking for an Alexander MacDonald, who had a son named Roderick, who was my grandfather. Alexander (born c. 1884 in Morvan, Nova Scotia) married Anne Jane MacKay (b. 1897 in Donnysbrook, Nova Scotia) and they had Roderick in 1918. Alexander’s middle initial may have been R and his father may have been a Roderick and his mother a Mary, although I don’t know her surname. It’s possible she was a Morris and it’s possible that the elder Roderick’s father was also Alexander, possibly b. 1820 in Glenuig, Scotland, father “Big Allan” MacDonald–however, my father believes our family came from the Keppoch area, which is a little ways away from Moidart, I guess.

      We also have MacDonalds on Anne (Annie)’s side–her father was Alexander MacKay and his father was Angus MacKay and his mother was Ann MacLean, whose mother was possibly Mary MacDonald (b. 1808 in Scotland, d. 1891 in Keppoch, Antigonish, NS). Any help with either of these branches of MacDonalds would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Matt,

      My Alexander MacDonald likely came from Inverness-shire in the early 1800s but he married (I think) an Ann MacDonald.

  8. Hi I am looking for any info on james f mcdonald born in bona vista newfoundland in the late 1800,s he married margaret(last name unknown) born in st georges newfound land, they had 7 children john,patrick,margaret,patricia,elizabeth and doreen all born in grand falls. Any info would be greatly appreciated. As you know the mcdonalds/macdonalds are a tough bunch to find

  9. Hi Shanna, If you check on the Newfoundland Chebucto site, the 1945 census Grand Falls, has this family listed. It is a good place to start you search. You can also check out Births and Marriages on this site, As the census gives the ages of the family members, you can better hone in on the right time frame.Good luck .

  10. Thanx james f mcdonald was 51 at the time of the census. He was most likley born in 1894. Any other info avaliable on any of the family members would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Would anyone have any kinformation on a Hugh MacDonald whom lived in the Truro area in the early 1950? Any information would be appreciated.

  12. I have read the information you have on William Herbert MacDonald Jr. the children listed are wrong. There were only six children, I don’t know where they got Sylvester MacDonald, as I am one of those children.

    • Hello Charlotte, I simply extracted what was in the obituary. I have no further information on this family except for what you see. It seems who ever provided information for the obituary made the mistake.

      I’ve made a note by Sylvester’s name to let researchers know. I didn’t remove the name because it is stated in the obituary and visitors might think I had missed it and did not add it to the list of children. This way, researchers will see the mistake pointed out.

      Thank you for letting me know.

  13. I have a Alexander McDonald born in Shelburne, NS abt 1785. His parents are listed as A McDonald and Nancy… have you come across him in your research?! Alexander married Mary McIntosh and has at least one son that I’m aware of William McDonald who was born in Pictou,NS abt 1809

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    • Lauren, I have Alexander James Jr. in my family tree. He was the first child born to the first McDonald in Canada. I have him born November 11, 1783, Shelburne, son of Nancy and Alexander McDonald. His mother died in childbirth or when he was young because Alexander married a second wife, Mary Robichaud. Together they had at least seven children, all born in Harrigan Cove, Halifax County. They were all baptized at Christ Church, Shelburne.

      I have Alexander Jr. marrying a Mary, but not Mary McIntosh. This is where our research differs. I have him marrying Mary Elizabeth Nowlan (native) before 1817. Together they had four children (Archibald, Daniel, William, John).

      Alexander’s first wife died and he married Mary Ann Cunningham on April 27, 1832 and they had two children (Mary, Susan). Alexander died May 27, 1856, age 72, Harrigan Cove. I have no record of him living in Pictou, not that he couldn’t have.

      • hm.. There are certainly many similarities. Do you have a lot on the William McDonald (son of Alexander and Mary) ? Its possible that William wasn’t born in pictou but I know he ended up having his children there with Jessie Fraser and then with Margaret Mary Munro or McDonald..

        Do you think its possible that Nancy and Alexander had another Alexander McDonald?! I haven’t come across any other Nancys that early on before! I’m fairly confident that my Alexander married a Mary McIntosh. On his son (Williams) 2nd marriage record it lists them as his parents..

        I’ve had an awful time finding anything because of how early on Alexander was born.. he must of been one of the early settlers.. but which one.

        do you think there could have been two nancy and Alexanders that early in Shelburne?

        Thanks again for all your help!!

      • Hi Diane, just looking at this post where you indicate that Mary Elizabeth Nowlan was native, do you have any proof of this. Would you please share that information, and how I could find out for sure if she was of native descent. Thanks Diane…..Marlene (

      • Diane, I’m not sure if Alexander was the first McDonald in Canada, but if that’s true, the birth of his son Alexander comes almost 20 years after my Jeremiah McDonald, who was born 1767 in Nova Scotia. I am at a brick wall with him and do not have any siblings or parents, but I have confirmation from his obituary, published in the Acadian Recorder, that was born here.

        • There were several Alexander McDonalds who arrived in the Maritimes. I know a few settled in New Brunswick. I believe there were five Alexander McDonalds who were loyalist (or came with the loyalists) after the American Civil War. I don’t have a Jeremiah McDonald in my tree in that century.

          The McDonald name has been a difficult one to trace. Add a common name like Alexander or William and the task becomes more complicated. I’ve added and scratched out too many Alexanders and Williams to count.

          • Hi Diane, I have no idea if there is an Alexander connection to my Jeremiah (b. 1767 n.s.) or not and I am aware of the McDonalds in N.B. (Westmorland) – the only thing I have is Henry who supposedly moved to Halifax and had two children in the 1760’s. What year did your Alexander arrive in N.S.?

          • Do you have info on who the “Alexander McDonalds” loyalists married?? The Alexander I am searching for was said to have been a loyalist, but I cant find any proof. I have him as marrying Sarah ( Marion) McLean, and they were living mostly at Balls Bridge (Creek) , Nova Scotia. His birth was around 1812.

        • I met a man named Gerry about 15 years ago. He had done extensive research on his family line and hired a researcher to confirm Mary’s ethnic origin. He is a descendant from Mary Nowlan. He did it to claim his Indian status. Which he got because they (he and the researcher) proved it.

      • Hi Diane

        I have been looking for parents for Mary Margaret McDonald,1803-1868. My family info has her married to a Mr Crow of Sandy Point, Shelburne, and they had one son George Alexander Crow. Members of this family made a name change from Crow to Crowe to Crowell in George’s lifetime as he also did. We don’t know the 1st name of Crow or what happened to him. He would probably have been the son of Peter Crow, disbanded soldier, who settled at Sandy Point. She then married George Barclay (as Margaret McDonald) in 1834 and they had 6 children. A Barclay cousin and I have recently tried to make a greater effort to figure out her story. The most obvious family for her to have come from would have been that of Alexander McDonald. The book about the founders of Shelburne say there is a house foundation in the area supposed to have been his home, the probate list for the area lists 3 McDonalds – he and two sons, and of course Margaret named her son Alexander. However, all lists or docs that I have found don’t include a Margaret or Mary. I believe his son Daniel/Donald had children named Mary, Margaret, and George Alexander. Coincidence?

        I believe you said that Alexander McDonald is an ancestor of yours … any links you can see here … any suggestions? A poster mentioned that Alexander’s brother was a settler with him. Are you aware of his name or story? I am curious to know why you say the children were born in Halifax County if he had a home in Shelburne County and the children were all baptized in their birth years in Shelburne. I had assumed that the move to Halifax occurred at a later date.

        Anyway, we’re short on leads and would appreciate input from anyone who might know something.

        • Marilyn, I’ll have to look at this tomorrow, as it is getting late this evening.

          I believe there were three (or five) Alexander McDonalds who arrived in Shelburne at the same time. Given the common names, including Mary and Margaret, it will be difficult to connect these individuals.

          One researcher told me that my Alexander McDonald may have had a brother that came with him, also a soldier. His name was John. Of course, there were John McDonalds, but were they related to Alexander? I don’t know.

          Alexander did have a son named Daniel.

          • Many McDonalds and Alexanders in the beginning … yes. The thing I was thinking, since my brief crash course on Shelburne history, was that it looks like Margaret would have been born about twenty years into the settlement. After many of the first settlers moved on, the fires and so on … who was left? I guess that’s why I was wondering if Alexander was the only one left then and if he might have had more children. I would think of this as a period after the Shelburne population dwindled but before others moved around the province from their original settlements. I tried this before and abandoned it when I found so many settlers of the same name all over the province … thought I might try again with a focus only on Shelburne. I will keep a lookout for the name John now that I know he might be connected.

            When I came across your site I just thought I would ask in case you had collected some extra facts along the way. Very nice idea to focus on one name. I expect that even with those who came from America, they would all have come from N Ireland or Scotland originally.

  14. Hi All,

    I am looking for Daniel McDonald, b. 1833 in Nova Scotia (don’t know where though) and d. 1886 in Minn.

    Married Mary Rahier in 1869 and had six kids: Joesph, Frank, Lavinia, Henry (my line), Elizabeth, and Mary.

    He is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Annandale, Minn.

    Any thoughts?

  15. Possible Daniel McDonald Parents?

    Alexander and Elizabeth McDonald…..

    Their Children: George, Daniel, Andrew and James?

    George married Flora?


    • Hi, I am a MacDonald from Halifax Nova Scotia. You said that a George married a lady named Flora. would her name be Flora MacDonald? My father Wayne B. MacDonald said she was a relitive of ours. I have relitives from my father and my mothers side that came over from Scotland many, many years ago. I have only started to put the family tree together. So if you have any info of anyone in relation to Flora MacDonald that would be great. thankd

  16. My dad was born in Dartmouth Nova Scotia His name was lenoard McDonald He died in the 2004 his father/my grandfather Stanly MacDonald was from Capebreton N.S.

    and passed away in 1985


    • Hi Hazel. Have you checked on the Nova Scotia Vital Statistics site? I see on there Robert and Eliz married 18 Sept.,1900 in Dartmouth N S. Church of England. It gives her parents names as Jane and Henry Wilson .Roberts parents were Agnes and Allen .There is a death record on there for a Robert James Mcdonald for 1916 but he is listed as Roman Catholic. If that is the same one it may narrow the search a bit for you to check for births of their children. Good luck

  18. Hi
    Been digging through the Nova Scotia vitall statistics, my great grand father is Alexander B McDonald (1843-1926), born South River Nova Scotia, lived in Thorburn. His Parents wher John McDonald, born in Scotland, and Catherine, born in Antigonish. That’s as far as I get. Any info welcome.
    Hugh MacDonald

    • Hi Hugh,

      This is a shot in the dark as there are so many Alexander Macdonald’s in Nova Scotia. My great grandfather is also Alexander Macdonald. I have a few bits of information and, like you, I am trying to fill in the blanks. This is what i have been told I believe to be true regarding my great grandfather:

      Alexander was a farmer. The barn and the house are still standing somewhere near Halifax. Alexander died and was buried somewhere in Halifax.

      I do not know his wifes name.

      He had thirteen children. One of the children died very young at home.

      Two of his sons were John and James. James was my grandfather. I estimate he was born 1894-1897. I believe his brother John was older and preceded James in his emigration to Minnesota but they both moved to Minnesota in the 1920’s and worked in construction. They changed the spelling of their surname to McDonald to better fit in with the Irish dominated construction industry.

      James Married Catherine Noethen in 1925 in Minnesota. They had 4 children: Eileen, Jerry, Allan, Claire. Allan was my father.

      I am James Allan McDonald. Considering changing my name back to the original MacDonald.

      Not sure if there is any connection but it is worth a shot.

  19. Hi, I am researching my Mc/MacDonald ancestors. I have a Hugh MacDonald born About 1838 married to Marian MacKenzie born 1832 Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland. Hugh was born in Nova Scotia and he and Marian resided at River John. If any one has any information on Hugh’s parents it would be much appreciated.

  20. hi, i was reading all mcdonald it was interesting, as i been looking for robert james mcdonald of slate river,n.s. who married my great aunt elizabeth stersky wilson of dartmouth,in 1900, i do not have nothing about them, that in 1917 i find a married of my great aunt as a widower and she married a edward warner on may.30,1917 in n.s. vital i did not know she was marriage to a warner til i got her brother obits. ,if anyone can help please e-mail me. hazel

  21. Hello, I am interested in learning more about my husbands family: the ancestors and family of Alexander Young MacDonald (also possibly known as Alexander A.Y. MacDonald). 1851- 1936. of Novia Scotia. He was married to Alice Maude Crowdis (1859-1923). Their daughter Mary Simpson MacDonald was born in Baddeck NS in 1891. The names of their other children were Laughlin A Y, John G, Ruby and Pearl. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Ruth Wernert,

  22. Hi, I am totally stuck on finding the parents of my Alexander McDonald (b. Dec 1828 or 1829 in Scotland, Death 1919 in Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada) who apparently immigrated to Nova Scotia in 1839 and married Elizabeth McGregor (b. 1827 in Nova Scotia, died in 1917 in Nova Scotia). My Alexander McDonald doesn’t seem to be the same Alexander that several other posters were talking about who appears to have immigrated much earlier. I have several census records that indicate that my “Alexander McDonald” was born in Scotland.

  23. Hi – I’m doing a little research for my mom. Her father, John Ernest MacDonald was from Cape Breton – born in 1888. He left before WW1 for Vancouver – around 1908. He had 2 sisters – 1) Annie (married a Ferguson) – daughters Dorothy and Jessie, and 2) Mary, and a brother Dan who died with no family. John’s father was also born in Cape Breton. John’s mother Katherine was a MacLean ( died in 1893) and his father remarried. His 2nd wife Catherine had several children – one named Catherine (she later married a Campbell and moved to the prairies – one son was named Ian)….family lore says the family came from the Isle of Skye originally but we can’t confirm this. John (who was known as Jack) was Presbyterian. We are hoping that someone might be able to tell us more details about our branch of the MacDonald Clan!

    • …..think there might be a connection between us, Jeanne; seem to recall my grandmother and mother possibly referring to Annie Ferguson many years ago – please see my pathetically limited (for now!) posting further down in the thread…..LOL

    • Hello Jeanne,

      I am your cousin Norm. I am assuming you are the daughter of Elaine (Bilstrom)? I have managed to track records for our grandparents and great grandparents in Nova Scotia but have been unable to track the family back to Scotland yet. I have also been in touch with one of Elizabeth Dorothy Ferguson’s daughters in relation to information about the family. If you are interested in collaborating, let us know.


  24. I am a McDonald from Halifax, NS. My grandfather was Stanley McDonald, who was the son of Edward McDonald & Gertrude Richards. He was then the son of Charles MacDonald & Elizabeth “Lizzie” Cowan as far as I can tell. Charles was born in 1864. Then as far as I can tell, Charles was the son of a John Charles MacDonald and an Elizabeth Stonely from Halifax County. They were married in 1864. There was some information on ancestry about them but unfortunately none of it matched up or made sense so I think those records were wrong. It said John C. MacDonald was born in 1845 and died in 1910. Elizabeth Stonely was born in 1846. But this is as far as I could get and I’ve hit a brick wall. If any of you know your ancestors in Halifax, NS, and any of these names ring a bell, please contact me at

    There is also a rumor that my Mc/MacDonald’s are Irish but not 100% sure on that. I can’t find any trace of this John MacDonald

  25. John Avis born Aug 10 1827 passed 1917
    married Catherine McDonald born May 1 1824-passed Wed July 22 1914 she was 90 yrs old She had a brother Angus Mcdonald
    Catherine is Ellen’s mother she is our maternal great grandmother she is buried in tiverton cemetery found in old clipping .
    John Avis came from northern England in 1853 possibly the Isle of Man to Louisburg on Cape Breton Island where he married Catherine Mcdonald from there they went by boat to Goderich then by a smaller boat to Baie Du Dore Ontario and then walked inland where they purchased land known as concession 6 bruce township Bruce County on July 5 1855 they built a log house about 1/4 mile from the concession and then started to break the land
    The family consisted of :
    On the 1871 Canada census form is the John Avis family they are in order of the year they were born they differ from clips I have so I want to record these with the dates. Pretty certain it is our family it is very easy to mix up dates so I will try to confirm as best as I can for now
    john avis 1825
    catherine avis 1827 nee mcdonald
    the children
    elizabeth avis 1856 married a patterson or paterson check galt town area of waterloo for family
    harriett avis 1858 married a perry poss william harriet elizabeth catherine margaret on 1891
    ellen avis 1860 married Robert trumbley possible that harriet and ellen twins or dates mixed up
    History on robert ellen document
    mary elsey avis 1862 no kids
    william john avis 1865 katherine brill wife kids lorne and nellie
    murdoch avis 1867 married dilli ann kids george willian wellington and annie c
    james ( Jim) avis 1868 mae macdonald wife angus gordon russell margaret
    christy ( Christine ) avis 1870 married a Bentley
    All the sons married and stayed in the area for some time .
    William J born Aug 9 1865 married Catherine Brill born Jan 24 1873 later moved to Port Elgin with his son Lorne Garnet L born born Feb 4 1895 and daughter Nellie born sept 6 1899 . mary mcleod lived as a domestic in this house she was born nov 10 1855 and was 45 at that time .
    James Avis married Mae Macdonald of Prince Edward Island and had three sons Angus Avis Gordon Avis and Russel Avis and a daughter Margaret Avis. They built there home on lot 11 their son Angus Avis was a butter maker 1920-1923 then went off to college in Guelph Angus Avis married Mary Maxwell of Port Elgin moved to St Catherines then off to Flesherton where he retired .
    Gordon Avis married Beth Walsh of Huron County and he and his brother Russell Avis farmed on lot 3 con 2 they had 1 son Carl Avis who married Glenda Mcarthur and they had two daughters Robyn Avis and Regan Avis .
    Margaret Avis married TH (Chappie) Rutherford of Kincardine.
    Margaret Elizabeth Avis Rutherford Cemetery:Kincardine+ – Section 1 Burial Place:Bruce, Ontario, Can Notes:RUTHERFORD Thomas Murrell Rutherford July 28, 1897 – May 28, 1974 Married Nov. 18, 1931 Margaret Elizabeth Avis Oct. 11, 1910 – June 9, 1991
    Murdock Avis born July 6 1966 married Dilliann Russell born july 8 1862 and stayed on the home place, around the 1900’s they built a brick house and moved the barn onto the concession Murdock Avis had 2 sons George Avis and William Avis who died in infancy and Wellington Avis and daughter Annie C Avis born sept 24 1897 passed 1913 . Annie Avis played the bagpipes with Henry Russel, Florence Brown and Annie Avis entertained with the scottish dancing, Annie Avis passed at 16 years old .Henry Russel continued his pipes while walking over to underwood, the people loved to listen throughout the countryside.
    In 1918 Wellington Avis born oct 9 1891 married Isabel Jean Shipley Avis born 1905. In 1920 they purchased the Jim Avis born may 1 1868 property and farmed it till 1952 they retired and went to Kincardine. Wellington Avis sold insurance Bill Brown taught Wellington Avis to play violin . Wellington Avis had two daughters Dorothy Avis and Bernice Avis and a son Reg Avis. Dorothy Avis was a teacher Bernice Avis Hines Sarnia Hospital physiotherapist and she married Ronald Hines Reg Avis married Beatrice Orr Avis a ministers daughter in 1946 Reg Avis had a daughter Lynne Avis Losiak who married Nicholas Losiak 3 sons Ron Losiak Murray Losiak and Peter Losiak .

    • forgot to tell you ellen avis married robert trumbley my great grandma catherine
      mcdonald was her mother have all the info on ellen and

      • Do you know your TRUMBLEY lineage beyond Robert? I believe was originally TREMBLAY which I collect all male lines. Contact me jimmypnl at gmail dot com. Thanks,

  26. I am looking for information on Thomas A. Macdonald and family. He was born Pictou County in 1845. He and wife Jessie MacIellan moved to New Jersey in 1889. Had several children including my great grandfather Fred Macdonald. Father may have been Findlay? Would love to learn more.

  27. Looking for info on Daniel McDonald. Married first to Ellen Arbuckle .She died in 1874. He then married my great grandmother Jane Ann MacDonald of Merigomish N.S. She was born on April fourth 1853.They had three children- Anne my grandfather Alexander and a daughter Claire.

  28. totally stuck on Donald McDonald Born ABT 1829 Wife was Ellen Kehoe Married 1851
    Kids were. Daniel McDonald1852 / Catharine McDonald1854 / Elizabeth McDonald1857
    James McDonald1859 / Annie McDonald 1863/ John Macdonald1863/ Mary McDonald1868
    Margaret Ann McDonald1871 / Sarah Ellen McDonald1874 documents say lived in the Strait of Canso. Church records say Havre Boucher would love to find out who Donald’s father was
    any type of information would be greatly appreciated.

    • We are looking for information on Donald McDonald (MacDonald) Born ABT 1829 Wife was Ellen Kehoe Married 1851 children
      Daniel McDonald1852
      Catharine McDonald1854
      Elizabeth McDonald1857
      James McDonald1859
      Annie McDonald 1863
      John Macdonald1863
      Mary McDonald1868
      Margaret Ann McDonald1871
      / Sarah Ellen McDonald1874

      Most documents say lived in the Strait of Canso. Church records say Havre Boucher would love to find out who Donald’s father was
      any type of information would be greatly appreciated.

    • We are looking for information on Donald McDonald (MacDonald) Born ABT 1829 lived in Havre Boucher NS his Wife was Ellen Kehoe Married 1851 their children are:
      Daniel McDonald1852
      Catharine McDonald1854
      Elizabeth McDonald1857
      James McDonald1859
      Annie McDonald 1863
      John Macdonald1863
      Mary McDonald1868
      Margaret Ann McDonald1871
      / Sarah Ellen McDonald1874

      Most documents say lived in the Strait of Canso. Church records say Havre Boucher would love to find out who Donald’s father was
      any type of information would be greatly appreciated.

  29. Hi I am researching Hugh Macdonald born 1838 I believe in Earltown he was married to Marion Mackenzie born 1832 and they resided in the River John, Dalhousie and Loganville area. Any info on who his parents were would be much appreciated.

  30. Hi – just resuming work on an effort started over a year ago… name is Jim Cayon and the ties I have to Port Morien are so far identified as follows (most recent appearing first):

    Edna Florence MacDonald (Ariel) born July 1, 1894 (Cow Bay) – Oct. 27, 1982, daughter of

    John ‘The Mate’ MacDonald, (born in Catalone) 1856-1925
    (wife: Sarah; maiden name ALSO MacDonald?)

    son of

    Ranald MacDonald, born Dec. 15, 1828 in Catalone
    (wife: Catherine ‘Kate’ MacIsaac)

    son of

    John MacDonald
    (wife: Flora Macaulay)

  31. I am looking for information on John A, McDonald who married Drusilla Elizabeth Acker. They lived and died in Springfield, Nova Scotia. I am having a hard time finding information on John A. McDonalds father and mother. If anyone has information on this family, I would be very interested in hearing from you. Thanks, Sharon Butler (Granddaughter)

        • Alexander first married Nancy before 1783. They had one child, a son, before Nancy passed away, possibly in childbirth. They named the boy Alexander James McDonald (born November 11, 1783, Shelburne, Shelburne County, NS.

          Alexander then married Mary Robichaud, formerly of Virginia, USA, before August 1793 (when their first child was born). They had seven children, all born at Harrigan Cove, Halifax County, NS and baptized at Christ Church, Shelburne County, NS. At this time, Harrigan Cove on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia was located in an area called the Bay of Islands.

          • Hi. Alexander is also my relative through his son with Nancy. Was wondering if u have any info on Alexande’rs Scotland roots??

    • hi are you looking for information on Alexander MacDonald of port l;herbert. i have information as yhis is my great,great,great grandfather

  32. If anyone is looking for Vera Lynn, who was born on March 4, 1964, in Halifax, NS, and given up for adoption, let me know.

  33. Looking for information on this family:
    Alexander McDonald , b abt 1811, Scotland. Emigrated to Cape Breton.
    Sarah (Marion) McLean, b abt 1819, Scotland. (wife)
    Catherine,b abt 1847, NS.
    John L., b abt 1849, NS.
    Donald, b abt 1852, NS
    Duncan, b abt 1855, NS
    Mary Jane, b abt 1857, NS
    Annie, b abt 1861 (1867), NS.
    The family were living at Balls Creek, also listed as Balls Bridge on some census records. They are listed on the 1871 NS census, but Alexander is missing by the 1881 census of Cape Breton, NS.. John L is listed on the 1901 census as living with his sisters- Catherine, and Annie. Annie has since married into the Ethridge family.
    Have info to share on Duncan , Annie , and John, but need any and all info regarding the rest of the family. Want to find Alexanders and Sarahs parents, and where they were from in Scotland. (They both may have been from the Isle of Skye- unconfirmed). On one copy of the 1871 census of Canada the family is listed with a Joseph, and a Mary as children.No other census records mention these two children. Any and all help appreciated.!! 🙂

  34. My great grandfather was George Alexander McDonald from Nova Scotia..Possibly Halifax. His birth was about 1859, He moved to Butte, Montana, was a miner and a security guard. He married Jenny Nesbitt of Ireland by way of Illinois to Butte, Montana. They were married in the Oregon Territory. have birth to one daughter in Oregon and a second in Butte, Montana where a son Alexander Carincross McDonald was born and died as a toddler. Granddad George was buried in White Pines County, Ely, Nevada in 1938. I have been unable to connect him with family in Nova Scotia. Jenny M.

  35. In regards to Mc/MacDonald research: I found an online copy of the book: “HISTORY OF INVERNESS COUNTY, NOVA SCOTIA.” -BY J.L.MacDOUGALL(1922).
    This book goes into great detail of the families that lived in the various areas and lists wives,husbands, children, and sometimes even grandchildren. It is a GREAT resource for searching some of the Mc/MacDonald families of Nova Scotia. I printed it off and keep it as a reference. I dont know if it is still available online, but here is the link I have for it: . I cant get this link to work here, but if you go to the ElectricScotland website you should be able to search for the book there. I hope it helps in someones research. It lists LOTS of Alexander McDonalds, but to find some of them you have to read through other family names because they are listed under the name of their wifes family.
    ( Sadly I cant find MY Alexander McDonald !!!) 🙂

    • mISS, i HAVE IT! all sEROUSLY, THIS IS AMAZING HOW I FOUND AND HAVE IN MY POSESSION THIS huuuge PART OS NOVA SCOTIA AND THE SETTLER’S! OF aLEX mCDONALD AND HIS CHILDREN, John,Isabella,James,Micheal,Walter,James dated back 1800’s Alex born in lancaster as stated in his hand written quil pen and County of GleanGarry!

      • Do you have information on John A. McDonald? He was married to Drusilla Acker and lived his life in Springfield. He is believed to have come from Cape Breton.

        • … you mean Springfield as in MA, Sharon? I’m from that area – if so, knew a John MacDonald at Duggan (Junior High) who was much younger (my age, 52) but he might be well a descendant…..Jim

        • Whoops – my bad, as they say! Hadn’t been on here in a a while and didn’t realize you were speaking of Springfield in Nova Scotia, Sharon! Jim


    • I am not sure if You are replying to me , or to someone else here on this list. I prefer to talk here if that is o.k.. Marilyn Becker.

      • I agree, Marilyn. When I first saw the message, I thought it might have been spam, but he’s naming names, so I don’t think so. Mike, if you’d like to contact me through email (, please let me know what you have. I have Marilyn’s email address through this website’s information data. I can pass along the message to her.

        I understand that she doesn’t want to call. I wouldn’t either. The Internet is not as safe as we’d like it to be. I hope you understand. Thanks.

        • Thanks Diane!! Hope he replies with more information!! In a subsequent post he names names- but they are not my “Alexanders” children- so he is probably not replying to me , but I hope he can help someone else!! 🙂

  37. QUESTION: If a man is named “Alexander”, what are some of the nicknames he would go by?? ( besides the obvious one of Alex) My Alexander is from Scotland originally and I have been told “Sandy” is a common nickname for Alexander. Is this true? His wifes’ name was Marion, but she is listed on all the census records as “Sarah”, and only used Marion on one of her daughters marriage records.

  38. Is there anyone on this page who lives in Nova Scotia? Trying to find someone familiar with the Balls Bridge / Ball Creek area. I want to know where the Presbyterian churches were located in that area. If there were none- where would a Presbyterian family go to church? 🙂

  39. Diane- do you have any links to the men who would have worked in the coal mines of Cape Breton? I know some of my ancestors worked at the Sydney Mines, and lived in the red brick row houses, but what I really need are the names of the mines, and who worked in them. Have found online a list of accidents/deaths in the NS mines, but they are very vague with only names listed and sometimes the cause of death. Is there anywhere to get get more detailed information on the mines in NS? There are a few Alexander McDonalds who died in the mines, but as I said- they only print the name and no details of where they lived or their families. 😦

  40. I’ve been searching for some time now for information on my great-great grandfather, Alexander “Sandy” McDonald, who I believe was originally from Broad Cove, Nova Scotia. He married Anne Doyle, and they moved to River Head, Newfoundland (I believe that is part of Harbour Grace) where he worked as a carpenter. He returned to Cape Breton around 1860, and eventually settled in the Cow Bay (Port Morien) area. They appear on the Cow Bay census until 1891. According to the census information Alexander was born in the 1820 range, his wife Anne about 1830 or so. I have quite a bit of information on their children, but little on them, and none on their own parents or siblings. Their son, John Francis, married to Kate McAdam, was my great grandfather. I’ve run into dead ends repeatedly, so any information would be much appreciated.

  41. I would like to find out more about my great great grandfather, David McDonald/MacDonald who was born in Halifax in 1830, and his father who I believe was named James. David’s wife’s name was Margaret – she may have been First Nation/mixed race and/or French speaking.

    It appears that David died in 1900 in Colorado, USA, and he had been there (possibly alone) since at least 1880 (a miner).

    His daughter Norah Josephine MacDonald, was born in Sambro in 1856 (some records indicate 1861). She married my Great Grandfather William George Teeling ( Sergeant, Royal Artillery) in the Garrison Chapel, Halifax on 7 May 1877, and spent most of the rest of her life in England.

    She was in Halifax until at least 1881, where 3 of her 11 children were born.

    Florence Ann Teeling
    Born 12 July 1877 Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Edward George Teeling
    Born 15 February 1879 Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Margaret Violet Teeling
    Born 15 February 1881 Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Norah Josephine Teeling died in Ilfracombe, Devon, England in 1943. Family lore has it that although not able to read or write, she spoke French. In census records she identifies herself as Irish/Catholic.

    I would be interested to know the origins of this branch of the McDonald/MacDonald family.

    • I am delighted to read your post! I’ve been looking for information about this lady for some time, she fascinates me. William George Teeling is also my Great Grandfather. He and Norah Josephine had a further six children, nine altogether.
      Son William Edmund Born 1883,
      Son Arthur S born 1886,
      Son Noel Gordon, born 1890, (my grandfather)
      Son Philip E R born 1892,
      Daughter Leonara P born 1896,
      and son Ivan H born 1898.
      I have also discovered the information you have, that Norah has two different recorded birth years. My theory on that is that she was underage when marrying, so adjusted it slightly. Her 1861 birth year shows in later census returns.
      Two things that confirm she is the same person as the one I am looking for are,
      1. that my mother told me her grandmother (Norah J) came from Sasktchewan,
      2. Norah Josephine later on in her life was the head nurse in Ilfracombe who helped start a small hospital for the care of Belgian soldiers wounded at the beginning of the first world war. They were removed from the battlefields and brought back to England in order to recover. I have a book with photos which include one of her at the time in her uniform, and a commendation for caring for Belgian soldiers who died from their wounds. She and another nurse stayed with them talking with them and listening to them until they passed away. I have no doubt she was able to talk with them in their language, which must have been a comfort.
      Ilfracombe Museum holds a file on the Teelings of Ilfracombe, Devon, UK they will be able to help you if you are interested to know more about them.
      I really want to know about Norah Josephine, and where her (and our) ancestors originated. I also picked up about Sambro and David and Margaret. Hopefully hear from you or anyone else about these Macdonalds.

      • Hello Dawn,

        My mother, Joan, was one of six children of Arthur Teeling and she was born in the family house in High Street, Ilfracombe in 1923. I think she spent much of her childhood there living with Norah Josephine as her father was in the military. I recall visiting Ilfracombe in the 1960s as a kid and visiting the house ( well the outside of it). There is much Teeling family research on the internet ( including photographs ) as it’s an unusual name, and i have information from some of our extended family ( including the Maltese Teelings – descendants of our great grandfather’s brother – the product of an earlier posting to Quebec by our great great grandfather.)

        The only cousins of my mother that I recall were “Jean and Peter” who lived in the SW. I’m not sure if that is your line.

        You can contact me at if you’d like some of the information I have.



      • Dawn, Leonara was my Grandmother, she eventually married Stanley Bengey and lived in Ilfracombe until her death in 1967 or 68. I remember her brother, my mother’s Uncle Ivan very well as a child.

      • Dawn, also regarding this, as I mentioned earlier, Leonara was my grandmother, my dad always joked with me when I was a child that my mother’s grandmother was a ‘red indian’ I knew the link to Canada but now am not sure if he was joking or being somewhat serious.

  42. I am trying to figure out john and mary (macdonald) mcdonald. Who had a son, vincent mcdonald, who married margaret jackson, then ellen (sidebottom) jackson. They are the ones who lost almost everyone in the halifax explosion. Vinces mother was also a squires. I need some help. ♡

  43. My 2x great grandparents migrated with their ten children from Nova Scotia to New Zealand in 1854 on the Breadalbane. According to his death certificate John McDonald was born in Nova Scotia in 1802. His parents were Malcolm and Margaret (no other details). He married Margaret McLeod in Halifax in 1827 or 1829. According to her death certificate Margaret was born in Scotland in 1802. Perhaps they left siblings when they migrated to New Zealand. Any suggestions as to how I can research from New Zealand.

  44. Hello, I am working on my husbands Family Tree, His father Donald Leo McDonald line resided in the Big Pond – Irish Cove, Cape Breton Area. I am trying to find his locate his McDonald history. Here is what I have.”
    His Father : Donald Leo McDonald 1925-1982
    Grandfather – Roderick Leo McDonald 1894-1962 -Halifax
    Gr Grand Father – Roderick Nickolas McDonald – 1865-1913 Born Irish Cove -CB
    Gr Gr Grand Father – James McDonald – 1814-1891 -buried in Johnstone Cemetery Cape Breton, His Wife Margaret and Son Joseph are buried with him. I’d think Margaret was a Campbell But not sure!
    Their children are as Follows;
    Maria, Michael, Roderick N, John James, Isabelle, Lessy, Katherine, Joseph and Ann.

    Any help would be awesome. Thank you

    Also I am a descendant of Wm McDonald and Ella Blanche MacDonald if anyone would like information on this line my tree is on Ancestry and has the line search back to 1763 . Search Cynthia Ingemansen -McDonald

  45. My Grandfather is Allen Collin MacDonald, I believe they are the MacDonald (McBrides) of Anigonish, NS, as my grandfather had a brother named Archibald who was a Medical Doctor, graduated for Baltimore School of Medicine, and was lost at sea in St. John’s Newfoundland. I am trying to get the exact date of birth of my Grandfather who spells his name several ways, either Allan or Allen. I would like to know where he was born, I believe he was born 1886, but have now idea where. He became a US Naturalized citizen March 27 1936, and was married to Marion also known as Mary Elizabeth Chisholm, who passed away in 1943, I never met my grandmother. I know nothing about her family except she had a brother whose name was Father John. A Chisholm, a Catholic Priest, born July 31, 1924, was killed in an auto accident on July 17, 1979. I just want to learn more but cannot find any real good information, The all come from Anigonish, Nova Scotia. I think the Chisholms are from the West River, or Ohio Crossroads, Grandfather I believe from St. Andrews but I have no solid documentation, and I sure would like some, its so hard. Can you help?


  46. We are looking for the parents’ names of Christine Mcdonald, born 25 Oct 1846 Cape Breton. We found her on the birth record of her son William John King
    13 Jul 1869 Huron, Ontario, Canada. Her husband was Wm KING. They had several children while living in Bayfield, Huron County, Ontario. In the 1916 Census Christine is living with her daughter, Eliza KING MILLER, and her son-in-law Anthony MILLER in Moose Jaw, Sask.


  47. I am looking for information on SIX different MacDonald families, all of which are my ancestors! If anyone has any information on any of the following people, could you please contact me? Thanks!

    1. Alexander (nickname Stanley?) MacDonald, b. 1814 in Scotland, a literate farmer, married 1843 to Annie MacDonald (sometimes written as MacLean); Alexander died c.1880 in Morvan, Nova scotia; need info on where in Scotland he came from and when, and who his parents were. Alexander and Ann had Flora, Jessie, Simon, Mary, Duncan, Roderick, and John. I have their spouses if someone needs them.

    2. Annie MacDonald, wife of above Alexander. Annie born c. 1821-24 in south/James River, Antigonish, NS, married in Morvan, NS, died 1904 in Morvan at age 80; father possibly John MacDonald?

    3. John MacDonald born in Caledonia, Antigonish, farmer, married Sara MacDougall and had daughter named Mary MacDonald (1860-1940, Trenton and Stellarton) who married Roderick MacDonald, son of Alexander “Stanley” mentioned above.

    Roderick and Mary’s children were Jane, Allan, Ann, Alexander (my great-grandfather), John, Joseph, Andrew, Sarah, Duncan, Mary, and Flora A.

    John MacDonald’s father may have been Allan “Dhu” MacDonald, of family known as the Lochaber MacDonalds, from Keppoch. Allan’s brothers were Angus Red and Donald B. Allan married another Mary MacDonald.

    4. Mary MacDonald–wife of Allan Dhu–was possibly a sister of Donald of Glen Ray. I would like to know her parents and origins.

    5. Mary MacDonald (1800-1898 or 1808-1891) who married Duncan “Ban” MacLean in Arisaig, Moidart, Scotland and died in Keppoch, Antigonish, NS. They had Ann McLean who married Angus McKay. This Duncan Ban MacLean/Mary MacDonald family is connected with the Alexander “Keppoch Bard” MacDonald through marriage (Ann’s sister Mary MacLean married him). I have Mary’s father as a John MacDonald, b. 1770 but I don’t know where.

    6. Sarah MacDonald and Hugh MacDonald–I believe Duncan Ban’s parents were Alexander (Seann Sandy) MacLean and Sarah MacDonald–Sarah MacDonald’s father may have been Hugh MacDonald, but I don’t know anything about him except that he probably came from Moidart (in Inverness-shire, Scotland).

    A lot of intermarriage of MacDonalds and MacLeans and MacKays in my tree! It’s very hard to find info with such similar names, dates, and all in Antigonish county! There is a collection of articles from The Casket written by “Drummer on Foot” that mentions many of these families, I think, but I need records for confirmation.

  48. My MacDonald family connects to yours Diane from Alexander and Nancy’s line. I know Alexander and his brother fought in the war and were pow’s before coming to N.S. as loyalists I found somewhere (never to find again) his parents were John and Mary and they were from Skye. Alex and his brother were supposedly younger siblings with no prospects in Scotland so joined the British to fight and get land in the new world. That is the amount we found. John and Mary..somewhere in Skye…almost impossible to imvestigate. Do you have any further info or can confirm any of this??

    • Toni, that’s interesting. I did not know Alexander’s brother also came. I don’t consider Alexander McDonald a Loyalist; he didn’t live in the colonies but came to fight for the British. So when I speak of them, I say they came with the Loyalists, but they were not Loyalists. I believe there is a line drawn between them. Not one I drew.

      Of all my research, there were a few places I looked for the McDonald origins. The Isle of Skye was one of those places. I had no parents’ names for Alex. I knew he was taken prisoner when York fell. One piece of information I have is that he embarked from Staten Island for Roseway (now Shelburne), Nova Scotia on October 10, 1783 on “The Congress”. I haven’t found record of this ship yet, but I did find a “List of the Ones Discharged from 76th Regiment, Shelburne, November 1, 1783” here:

      Unfortunately, the list contains (hold on to your seat) 16 McDonald men, including 5 Alexander McDonalds. And this is why it’s difficult to find information on this one Alexander McDonald.

      Alexander and Nancy’s son was born November 11, 1783 in Shelburne.

      To be honest, I haven’t had a lot of time to research this part of the family tree. I’ve received information and put it in storage for when I do I have time. Knowing Nancy died and Alexander then married Mary in Shelburne, probably at the Christ Church, my next step would be to see if I could find that marriage record. I’d hope that Alexander’s parents would be listed, and perhaps his place of birth. Maybe his brother stood as witness.

      I’ll email you, so we continue the conversation.

  49. This is such a fascinating site! I have a John MacDonald 1814-1893 married to Mary Ann Green (Daughter of the Benjamin Green). we THINK his father was Alexander MacDonald who was married to Susan Mayer. But we are not sure of whom he is, where he is from, and her vitals. I am married to a direct lineal descendant of John and Mary Ann. She is looking to see where Alex was from. Cheers to all!

  50. Hi,
    First off: I don’t know much about my father’s family. Both of his parents passed when I was a baby, so I never got to know them. We also do not keep in touch with any other of his family members. My grandfather’s name is Donald McDonald…who married an Italian woman (I do not know my grandmother’s name). They met while my grandfather was in the army and my grandmother was working in a hospital in Italy. They then had 3 children: my father (Johnny McDonald), his brother, and his sister (sibling’s names are unknown). They lived in Italy for a while and then soon moved to Halifax. They lived on a farm in Halifax off of highway 19, but the farm was mostly run by my grandfather’s brother.

    I know this is not much to go off of, but any help would be appreciated. The reason I am wanting to know is because I am surprising my father with a trip to Halifax, so he can re-visit his childhood home. I live in Augusta, GA as well…so please contact me if you have any information!

    • I’ll leave your message here in case someone can help. Highway 19 is in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, the home of many McDonald families. I do not joke when I say we may have more McDonalds living in Nova Scotia than they do in Scotland. Even with more information, this search will be difficult. Good luck.

  51. My connection to MacDonald is in NewFoundLand. I have found the marriage record for Alexander MacDonald to a Mi’kmaq lady, Jane Susanne Young (changed from Lejeune) on May 4, 1873. The records are for the Immaculate Conception RC / St. Joseph’s RC church(s) for Sandy Point & St. George’s Bay, NFLD.

    They had 2 daughters Mary Jane and Maria.

    I am trying to trace Alexander’s past back as far as I can, but the records do not mention his age when he got married, nor does it mention who his parents were. He does list his place of birth as St. Andrews, Antigonish County, NS in the marriage record.

    My hope in posting this is that maybe Alexander had sibling’s whose families may have kept records. I would be most interested in seeing which seat of the MacDonald’s I have an attachment to.

  52. I am looking for any information pertaining to Archibald Mac(Mc)Donald, specific information about him is very limited about his origins. I do know that he was originally from Scotland, worked as a ship’s carpenter, was a Roman Catholic and was likely illiterate. He arrived in Nova Scotia sometime between 1851 and 1858 and spent a short time in Nova Scotia, likely Halifax, NS, due to his occupation as a ship’s carpenter. After years in Melrose, New Brunswick, he passed away in 1909 at Amherst, Nova Scotia living with his daughter, Mary Blanch(e).

  53. I am seeking more information on the MacDonald (MacBrides), from St. Andrews NS. Refer to History of County of Antigonish, Pages 212 and 213. I am the grandson of Allan MacDonald, son of Angus, son of Archie, son of Angus, son of Samuel. My grandfather as stated in this paragraph married Mary (Eliz) Chisholm from West River. She died in 1943, so I never met my grandmother. He moved to US around 1911 and went back to marry my grandmother and came back to the US, Lynn, Mass. He was sponsored by his sister Hannah who lived I believe in Somerville, but I could be wrong. Archibald his brother was a medical doctor, graduated from Baltimore School of Medicine, attend only the senior year. I have got his diploma and he graduated 1901. He moved to St. John,s Newfoundland, where he was murdered, drowned off the coast by a person who was a rival for a girl they both knew. I am looking for that newspaper article, and other information about my family, Especially in Nova Scotia. I am also looking for information on my Grandmothers family the Chisholms of West River. I do know she had a nephew who was a Catholic priest and name was Father James A. Chisholm, who was born in 1929, died in a car accident 31 July 1979, I believe at the time he was at St. Francis Xavier College. I have very little about my grandmother’s Chisholm family. My Grandfather MacDonald, had five children, Margaret, Forrest, Allan, (twin sister who died), and Helen. Allan was my father. I am Allan Collin MacDonald III. I believe my Grandmother is part of the Chisholms who had a person name Donald “Red” Chisholm who started a successful construction company. I don’t know much more, but they did attend St. Joseph’s church, All and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Collin, we may not be related, but my MacDonald ancestors were also from St. Andrews/St. Josephs, Antigonish. We have many Allans and Anguses and some Chisholms, but I haven’t found one to match yours yet. We had some family who moved to Leadville, Colorado and then to California, apparently. Not sure about Mass. I don’t think any of them had any higher education, though. They were all poor miners as far as I know. Feel free to email me if you want, though, at

      • Hi Erin. Paul MacDonald here from Antigonish. I have information on both the MacDonald (McBrides) of Marydale, Antigonish County and these Chisholms from Ohio, Antigonish County. Angus MacDonald was born about 1838 in Marydale and he married Margaret MacIntosh and they had 8 children: Archie, Hannah, Colin, Allan, Donald, Daniel, Janet and Colin (2). Rev. John Archie Chisholm came from a large family, He was he son of Colin (Collie Red Archie) Chisholm and Florence Chisholm and he was a cousin of Big Alexander MacDonald, known as the Klondyke King.

        • HI John
          The McDonald line is my late wife line.
          I have tried to trace this line..
          I have Hugh and Flora Beach or Black back to Scotland..
          They had a son Malcom b 1839 in Scotland.
          Malcom Married Sarah MacCorquodale in 1870. Sarah was the daughter of Peter MacCorquodale
          Her mother Sarah or Maron died in 1852 +/- He remarried cant find out to whom..
          This is about all I have. They lived in Eldon Canada. Malcom moved to Michigan in early 1870s..
          I havent traced the line further..

    • I found a Mary Elizabeth Chisholm b.6/28/1891 and baptized on 6/30/1891 at St. Joseph’s RC church. Sponsors: Duncan Chisholm & Mrs. John McDonald. Her parents Archibald Chisholm & Margaret Chisholm were married on 2/26/1878 at St. Andrews RC church. Residence at time of marriage: Archy-Ohio and Margaret-Manchester Road. Witnesses to the marriage: Archy and Catherine Chisholm. I suspect the 1901 census of NS, which shows her age as 8, neglected to indicate months.

      My great grandmother, Elizabeth McDonald from Black Avon/black River St. Andrews, also immigrated to Lynn, Mass. Her mother was Mary Ellen Chisholm. Don’t know if there is any connection.
      Hope this helps. Mike

      • Hi I have Hugh Macdonald/Mcdonald b Scotland married Flora Beach or Black moved to Eldon, Canada after 1840 Had a son Malcom.. Do they connect to your line??

  54. Looking for McDonald info, we don’t have much. Donald McDonald (1793-1874) Scottish, though born in Ireland. Don’t know when he arrived in Antigonish, do know some of the children. Donald (1825), Angus (1830), Hugh (1831-1874) and Alexander (1836). They all moved to the US about 1847. Three married Cullen sisters, Mary, Hannah and Bridget, their parents are Michael Cullen and Nora White, all born in Ireland. We don’t know for sure if the Cullens were in Antigonish or not, but figure McDonalds with a Cullen connection could be my line. Any info is appreciated.

  55. Hello fellow MacDonalds,

    I am Stephen, son of Thomas Glenn MacDonald, of Glenn William MacDonald, of William Lauchlin MacDonald, of John Archibald Hugh MacDonald, of Allan Lauchlin MacDonald.

    Allan was married to Rachel, of whom I cannot find a maiden name, and born in Inverness, Nova Scotia in 1850.

    Any help in finding Allan Lauchlin MacDonald’s father would be greatly appreciated.

  56. I am trying to find info on John Angus MacDonald born in 1855 in Red Island Cape Breton (the year seems to vary on different documents) and married Catherine Cameron who was born in Antigonish in 1862. They went on to have the following children: Alexander 1881, Mary Catherin 1884, Annie 1886, Margaret 1888, Luella 1890, Norah 1892 and Allan 1894.

    • I also wanted to note that His parents were Alexander MacDonald (born in Cape Breton) and Mary Johnston (born in Ireland)

  57. I have a mess.
    My great grandfather was Alexander John McDonald born 28 April 1859 and baptized 29 April 1859 at St Margaret’s of Scotland Arisaig Nova Scotia to John McDonald and Anne (Or Mary Anne) McDonald I believe him to be the Alexander McDonald enumerated on page 38 of the 1871 census house #118 Father John, then Mary, Allen, Catherine, Alexander, Mary, Margaret, Angus, John, Donald. then in 1881 on page 24 Dist D same names, then in 1891 John Mary, Allen, Angus, John, Donald, Catherine, Mary. Alexander had graduated from St Francis of Xavier probably about 1882 my family claims he sunk his uncles ship and took off for the USA crossed into Port Huron Michigan in January of 1883 and naturalized in 1896 at Green Bay Wisconsin. He then married in Peshtigo Wisconsin to Catherine Brown Flavin and had five children. in 1900 he moved to Menominee Wisconsin and died in 1908 of Pneumonia at age 49. His wife filled in the death cert and claimed his fathers name was John and was unsure of his mothers maiden name but claimed both were born in Scotland. When he died he owned two small grocery stores and three home, his obit said he left a mother and three brothers in Nova Scotia and two sisters in Boston. Antigonish Co is full of McDonalds and MacDonalds and I am at a loss to find my needle in a haystack, DNA evidence shows his brother may have been John B McDonald. If anyone knows this family from the Arisaig census I would love to hear about it.
    John McDonald Spring Arbor Michigan email

  58. Hi,
    I’m hoping to learn more about the McDonald’s of Black Avon/River area (Heatherton-St. Andrews).
    My 3rd great grandmother Ann/Nancy Chisholm b. 1783 Scotland d.1873 Black River NS. She supposedly arrived NS sometime between 1810-1818. Her husband McDonald-first name unknown. Their son Roderick, b. 1817 Northside Harbor NS. d.1909 Glassburn/Heatherton, is my 2nd ggrandfather.
    He married Mary Ellen Chisholm (don’t yet know anything about her family) and had the following children all in Black River/Avon-St. Andrews area:
    1) Janet b.1843 d 1917 Heatherton, Catherine b 1845 d.1930 in Byfield Mass she married Donald Chisholm.
    2) Margaret b. 1847 d. 1924 Heatherton. She married a Donald McDonald. 3) Mary Ann b. 1849 d.1939 Heatherton she married Archibald McDougall. 4) William b. 1851 d. 1922 Heatherton-don’t know if married.
    5) Nancy/Annie b. 1853 d. 1940 Halifax-she married James Malloy. 6) John R. McDonald b.1854 d.1918 Heatherton-married MaryAnn McFarlane. 7) Elizabeth (Lizzie) McDonald b.1857 d. 1935 Lynn, Mass.
    8) Colin b.1862 d.1916 Heatherton-unknown if married. 9) Duncan McDonald b.1863 d.1929 Heatherton-don’t know if married. 10) Rachel Ellen b. 1865 d.1928 Heatherton-married Roderick J. Chisholm.

    I can’t seem to find much about the people living in the Black River/Black Avon St. Andrews area. I’m hoping to connect with someone who knows that area or the people who lived there. They appear to be mostly farmers but any info I can get will help me know them and by association my Chisholm line.


    • Mike: In Rankin’s Hist of Antigonish County, he identifies two Brothers, Alexander and William McDonald Donn who immigrated c 1803. In the Marleen MacDonald hubley’s wills and probates of Antigonish, she identifies Alexander (noun) as living in Fraser’s Mill and the West River and indicates he born c 1884. William (doun) prepared his will in early 1840’s, from Black River/Avon, identified his wife as Ann and identified 3 sons; Alexander, William and Donald. I think they are related to my GG Grandfather (Duncan Donn McDonald of Springfield and Donald Donn of Country Harbor Guysborough, and John Donn McDonald of West River. Their father was Sgt. Donald McDonald of Morar Scotland and Mairi Gillies of Kinlochmorar. Sgt Donald died after Waterloo and before immigrating. Mairi and her sons immigrated to Springfield Ant. c 1819. Shortly after she married Sgt Alan Cameron of Springfield, her sister Margaret’s brother in law. Margaret Gillies was married to Ewen Hugh Cameroon South River. There are many related Camerons in Antigonish. If you can connect William (doun/Donn) to your family, I would appreciate being contacted for an update. Gary MacDonald,

      • Hi Gary,
        Thank you for this information. It sounds like you may have identified an important connection for me! I wonder, does William’s will mention his wife, Ann (Nancy)Chisholm? She was born in Strathglass Scotland in 1783. William himself died 12/25/1850. Ann & William’s son, William, was married to Isabella Chisholm. Does that help? Their oldest son, Donald, died 11/18/1890 at Black River. As eldest son it’s likely he was named after his paternal grandfather. At one time I was able to read Rankin’s Hist of Antigonish on-line but that seems to have disappeared. And unfortunately I didn’t have the info I do now so I wasn’t able to benefit from it. I am descended from Roderick Alexander b. 1818 and I have lots of info on his descendents. If that helps you at all to make the connections just let me know.
        I have a few questions for you, if you don’t mind? What does “doun” mean after William’s name? And do you know which clan they belong to? Clan Ranald, Keppoch? Is there a way I can access Marlene MacDonald Hubley’s wills and probates of Antigonish?
        I apologize for my late response to you. I am grateful to hear from you and look forward to talking more.

        • Mike, Great to hear from you. Donn (doun) usually references hair color; Donn: Brown, Dubh: Black, Ruadh: Red, Glas:White etc. These descriptors were used in Scot Gaelic to differentiate families (e.g. McDonalds).
          I am trying to understand and identify my GGG Grandfather; Donald McDonald. According to Colin MacDonald’s McDonalds of ClanRanald paper, written c 1955-56, in which he details many families from Clan Ronald; from Moidart, Arising, Morar and the small Isles (Canna, Rum, Eidd and Uist-South). My Donald was of the Maorar Sept (according to family feedback). Donald was a soldier (Serjeant) in a British Regiment and came home after the Napoleonic Wars. He was married to Mairi Gillies of Kinlochmorar (d/o Donald Gillies and Catherine Macgillivray of Arnipol). Donald and Mairi would have married c 1800-1802 while he was in the military. They had 3 sons; John Duncan, and Donald (b.c. 1802-1805) When Sgt Donald came home (c 1816), they planned to migrate to Antigonish, but Sgt Donald died before they could leave. Colin McDonald mentions they were Cousins to the Guidale McDonalds from Arisaig. One of these Guidales was James( a Laird/Lord of Morar, who went insane before diving c 1853. Mairi and her 3 sons traveled to Antigonish c 1820, where they had extensive Family. These McDonalds were referred to as McDonald Donns. I do not know who Sgt Donald’s Family was. However, Rankin writes in his history of Antigonish about 2 brothers; Alexander and William McDonald Donn, who came over in 1802 to Antigonish. Alexander (at his death, indicated he was born c 1784. William I do not know. Originally they lived in Fraser’s Mill, but Alexander later lived in West River and William in Black Avon/River. If you provide me an email, I can forward what I have on Them. Given they are known as McDonald Donns (doun is how it’s pronounced), They could be brothers (younger) to Sgt Donald. Given Scottish naming conventions: the oldest son named after Father’s Father), I believe Sgt Donald’s Father was John McDonald of Morar. There are other Donns in Antigonish, but they are Chisholms from Strathglass Sctld. If you provide me an email address, I’ll forward copies of what I have to you. My Best, Gary MacDonald, gb42 at verizon dot net .
          Ohhhh, these McDonalds were Clan Ronald. My grandmother was a Keppoch McDonald, from the Braes of Lochaber, her family were the “Ridge McDonalds”.

  59. I am trying to find any information on a Thomas Edward MacDonald, born around 1860’s in Nova Scotia and immigrated to Brockton, Massachusetts in the 1880’s to find work in the shoe factories. Brockton is where he met his wife Sara McCarthy. Thomas had two brothers that I’m aware of John who moved to BC prior to WW1 and Daniel who stayed in NS, I think in the Shubenacadie area. Thomas and Sara had children Frederick, Evangeline, Jeanette, Beatrice, Gladys and Charles (my grandfather). Thomas died in the early 1940’s in Brockton, MA.

  60. I am trying to find information on John and Mary MacDonald (nee?) from the Brooks Village area in Inverness in the mid 1800s. Various records have them born in either Nova Scotia or Scotland. I have been unable to find information on their births, marriage or deaths. Family lore is that family came from Isle of Skye and have heard that the Isle of Rhum may be an origin for Mary, trying to confirm.
    Their son, Angus, was my great grandfather. Angus (1854 – 1931) married Catherine MacLean (1861 – 1893, daughter of Donald MacLean and Ann MacKinnon). They went on to have four children: Daniel M (1886 – 1919), John Ernest (1888 – 1975, my grandfather), Mary Euphemia (1889 – 1951) and Annie Florence (1891 – 1966). I suspect that Catherine died in childbirth but have been unable to confirm this as unable to track down her death certificate. Angus then married Catherine’s cousin, Jessie Ann MacKinnon (1868 – 1933) and went on to have 6 more children. Catherine (1896 – 1958), John Gordon (1897 – 1958), Hugh (1899 – 1969), Sarah (1901 – ?), Marion Elizabeth (1902 – 1982) and Nellie Blanche (1907 – 2000).
    John Ernest moved to British Columbia and married Mamie Edna Olts (1896 – 1985). Their children were: Katherine (1920 – 1927), Mary Elizabeth (1921 – ?), Winnifred Margaret (1922 – 2013), John Ernest (my father, 1924 – 2002), Daniel Angus (1925 – 1954), William Alexander (1928 – 2011), Neil Roderick (1929 – 1989), Malcolm Archibald (1931 – ?), Hugh Alan (1932 – ?), Elaine (1934 – ?) and Mayme Diane (1940 – 2011).
    Thanks for any assistance in finding information on Angus’ ancestors.


    • hi.have you checked in the Grand banks NFLD area. also Norris Arm NFLD. (type in Norris Arm NFLD census for the year 1935 .hope it helps. Alice Mcdonald

    • Edward McDonald’s wife’s name is Annie Hennessy, and they were married in Amherst, Cumberland, Nova Scotia on September 25th 1882.

  61. Hello, I need help looking for information on Allan McDonald and his wife Mary or Margaret? I have found the marriage certificate for his son Edward McDonald and his wife Annie Hennessey in Amherst, Cumberland, Nova Scotia 9/25/1882. The data was found on
    On the document I can’t tell due to the penmanship what Edward’s mother’s first name is? I also don’t know her maiden name. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  62. Like most here, I’ve hit a wall when it comes to researching the Mac/McDonald line of my family. All I have to go on is my great grandfather is John MacDonald born Feb 1893 in Cleveland Nova Scotia, served in WWI in the forestry division. When he got back, he married Beatrice Abigail Hughes in 1929 and had several children of which two are still alive that I know of. The first is my grandmother Kathleen Patricia MacDonald born 1934 who married a Martell/Martel, the other is Ian Allen MacDonald born 1935.
    They don’t have a lot of information on their father, but it’s said that he served in WWII as well, but I haven’t found the records for that yet. His Military record doesn’t show a father, but shows his mother Bridget McDonald of McKinnon’s Harbour, but his marriage certificate shows Hector as the father from Scotland and mother as Annie, but the name of Mary sticks out in my head as well for some reason
    He passed Feb 16th, 1958.
    I tried signing up but the page cannot be found. Thanks for any help.

    • Did you look for his death certificate. It would be released. The first John MacDonald death certificate for 1958 has Annie as a mother and James as the father, both born in Nova Scotia. That John was supposedly born November 11, 1892 and died February 15th. He was a retired coal trimmer, living in Sydney. Birth dates can be wrong on death certificates, along with other information. The mother’s name might have been Mary Annie (or Annie Mary) or Bridget Annie. Names were often switched around, depending on what they wanted to give when the record was created.

    • Ah, just found another, which is probably his, since this guy did die on February 16th and his wife was Beatrice, but Mrs. Beatrice Green. Why she had a different last name is beyond me. No parents are listed, and the informant was his daughter, He was born February 10, 1895 (or 1893, hard to read). Florence. I’ll be honest, John McDonald is a hard name to search. It’s right up there with William McDonald.

      • She was married to Alvery Green after John from what I gather, before John was a Montgomery. It’s sad that there was no listed parents. I didn’t know first names were usually switched, that gives me more ideas to search.
        Thank you for the reply, hopefully more online sources will become available.

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