Why did I start a genealogy blog?

Blogging is still relatively new to me. I started my first blog one year ago this month. Before that, I didn’t read many blogs, only one to be exact. I didn’t think they had what I wanted: interesting content. I had read blogs several years ago when blogging was in its infancy. Back then it seemed they were more rants than anything else. That has changed.

People who had something to say that others wanted to hear began blogging. They wrote in complete sentences with only a few spelling mistakes. They made sense and people flocked to hear their advice or read a good story. These people changed the face of blogging. Now some of the most valuable information on the Internet can be found on blogs. No longer are they places to rant about everything from the hole in your rubber boot to the rotten attitude of your neighbour.

Realising bloggers were being taken seriously and finding many useful blogs changed my attitude about blogs. Still, I didn’t know if I could keep up with the demands of blogging. So I began a small blog for my writing (http://dianetibert.com). It incorporated everything in my writing life. I wrote about being a writer, becoming a better writer, my writer friends, books I like, books I didn’t like, self-publishing my book, genealogy and anything else that I wanted to write about.

Cotswold Sheep

I even blog about sketching my Cotswold sheep.


A year has passed and I still love to blog, and for the most part, I can keep up with the demand of posting every week. Last spring, I began the Moon Meadow Croft blog (http://moonmeadow.wordpress.com/). It tells about my life as a small holding farmer. It’s a fun blog where I can let my animals speak for themselves.

After many months of thinking about starting a blog for my Roots to the Past column, I decided it was time. Not only did I have blogging experience, but the blog would complement the printed column. It would also allow me to write about things that couldn’t fit into the format used by the newspapers.

At times, I only need 100 words to cover a topic. That’s too short for a column but great for a blog. Other times, I need more than 500 words to thoroughly discuss a subject. Again a blog is perfect for this. And with a blog, I can easily add more data or link to other pages to provide additional information.

Occasionally, I like to discuss things on a more personal level. That might be on a specific headstone, graveyard, vital record or community. Because my column appears in all four provinces in Atlantic Canada, I can’t write about specifics but must incorporate a larger theme, so readers in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia will be interested in reading. Sometimes this isn’t easy.

These problems don’t exist with a blog. I can be as short or as long or as specific as I want to be.

The added bonus to readers is that I’m here – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – to be read from the comfort of their own home.

2 thoughts on “Why did I start a genealogy blog?

  1. I wish I had the knowledge to blog about genealogy. I have so much I want to share with people. sigghhhh I envy you! I also have a farming background helping to run a 1,000 dairy farm. Lots of joy in the animals.

    • Start small, Vickie. Perhaps you’ll stumble and makes mistakes for the first few weeks of blogging but once you get going, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t considered it before. WordPress is fairly simple to learn and they have videos to help you through the steps.

      I love farming and growing my own food. In another year, I’ll produce the milk I consume. Can’t wait. The goat milk from the Toggenburg is better than cow’s milk, and it doesn’t have that distinct flavour of store-bought goat’s milk.

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