My Previous Genealogy Bloggings

Before I began the Roots to the Past blog, I had blogged about genealogy-related topics on my writing blog. Just in case you missed them, below are the links where you’ll find them.

Handing Over the Reins: Discusses Bruce MacDonald taking over the research for the First World War veterans of Guysborough County, NS, research.


Early Settlers Cemetery, Moser River, NS: Contains information and photographs for the small cemetery located in the community on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.


Almost Forgotten Tragedy: Discusses the search for my great-grandfather, Thomas Taylor, who was lost when his fishing vessel disappeared in c.1917 and his possible connection with the Newfoundland vessel Mina Swim.

3 thoughts on “My Previous Genealogy Bloggings

  1. Hi Diane: I see that you have a Thomas Taylor, is he part of the Taylors of Guysborough Co., we had a Wentworth Thomas A. Taylor who went down on the Georges Banks in the fishing vessel ” Alice M. Strople” on Jan 09, 1890. Any relationship? Vi James.

  2. Hello Vi, No, I don’t believe there is a relation. The Taylors in my family came from England and settled in Newfoundland, the Burin area. It appears one Taylor man left for Ontarion early in the 1900s, but the rest remained in Burin.

  3. hi, i been trying to get hold of ferne richardson,have not heard from her,do you know if she on holiday. hazel

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